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Mobile Operators in the UK Urge People to Stop Burning 5G Towers

Mobile operators in the UK urge people to stop burning 5G towers

These day coronavirus conspiracy theories have gotten the better of people’s senses, and the result is widespread mayhem in the United Kingdom. After false news was spread all over the internet that the 5G towers were somehow linked to the spread of COVID 19, mobs of people started attacking the towers. After a number of them were burnt down, the top 4 telecom operators have urged people to help this stop.

There were cases of vandals attacking mobile towers. These people set fire to mobile masts on the pretext that the 5G towers were potential aids to the spread of the coronavirus. There is no scientific evidence or backing to the claim that links Coronavirus and 5G Towers. Still, it managed to capture the common conscience of people all over the country.

The news got a troublesome amount of coverage on social networks like Facebook and Nextdoor. Not just that, this piece of misinformation had been widely publicized, so people came out of their homes and confines to set the 5G towers on fire. Last week, multiple cell towers were targeted in the UK. On the other hand, telecom workers and engineers have been abused as well. 

The situation took a toll on the plethora of maintenance tasks and operations that are regularly carried out to ensure a smooth performance of the mobile and internet services in the country. A total of four major United Kingdom’s mobile operators have jointly issued a statement requesting the people of the UK to come forward and help to stop persons from burning the 5G towers. 

These companies that came forth to urge the masses are EE, o2, Three, and Vodafone. The joint statement, hence displayed, urged the people to do away with the baseless claims like these which seek to disband the proper functioning of basic infrastructure and create a state of panic which adversely impacts not just the people but also all those businesses which rely on the continuity of daily services.

Services such as the ones that the telecom sector provides are crucial for the normal working of any society to have uninterrupted connectivity. The need for the smooth working of the communication infra has become stronger than ever, and it cannot be compromised. In cases of widespread diseases, that too one of this magnitude and scale, it becomes all the more crucial to have this backbone of connectivity intact.

The companies urged people to think practically. There was no scientific basis for the claims. They rubbished the concept calling those to be some conspiracy theory to create a state of manufactured panic in the already depressed society. Be it reaching out to the near and dear ones or providing connectivity in case of emergency services. These are the services that millions rely on.

Not only that, but these internet and phone connections are also all the more important given that more and more offices are treading on the ‘work from home’ route. Students are taking up new courses, submitting assignments, and taking online lectures while they stay at home. As millions stay at home, they need to get entertained as well. Pretty much everything requires the input of these services throughout the day.

The telecom companies requested the people to help them stop such cases. “If you witness the abuse of our key workers, please report it. If you see misinformation, please call it out,” the joint statement read. It is important that we maintain our calm and not give in to these rumors. And what is better than to report them?
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