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Montana Cordless Vacuum in the top 1% Kickstarter Campaigns

Montana Cordless Vacuum in the top 1% Kickstarter Campaigns

Montanc, a cordless handheld vacuum that will supposedly sport one of the highest suction powers that a cordless vacuum cleaner can. The project has been gaining a lot of attention ever since it achieved its funding goal on Kickstarter within three hours. The project is now set to gain funding in six or maybe even seven figures on Kickstarter. In case the campaign does hit a six-figure goal, it will be put amongst the top one percent of campaigns that do hit six-figure fundings on Kickstarter. Bluefeel is a home tech company that aims at improving people’s lives, one machine at a time. The company has had multiple successful launches previously. It also has a team of very well equipped and experienced engineers. The startup always aims at creating seamless products using the latest, groundbreaking technologies.

The device will supposedly have the suction power to be able to pick up an iPad easily. It is also designed to work on all kinds of hardwood floors. It is coming up as a potential rival for a Dyson brand vacuum. Dyson has also launched its most lightweight cordless digital vacuum very recently and claims that the product doesn’t have a compromised suction power even though its size and weight have noticeably decreased as compared to previous versions. It sports a 120-watt high-speed motor that will be able to work for 10 minutes straight. It offers two different modes, one of fade-free suction where one mode is for quickly picking up dust, and the other one is for heavy spills. Montac claims that its filters can pick up on dust particles that are too small for the naked eye. 

Regarding the launch, Kangan Kim, the leader of the team of ex-Samsung employees who built this project, said that they were “ecstatic” to bring their product into the market. He added that the team had been working tirelessly to create a vacuum that would work well on any floor. The team at Bluefeel believes that cleaning should be hassle-free and thus have come up with this vacuum that will seamlessly clean any flooring for you.

The device is fit to be used in any citations. You can use it at home, in your office or even inside cars. The design of the Montanc vacuum is very sleek and compact, and it is very lightweight. It weighs only 1.2 pounds, which is much less than any other cordless vacuum with good suction powers. It comes accompanied with washable HEPA filters, a crevice tool to help reach the difficult crevices, a charging station, and an extension wand as well. 

The Montanc vacuums can be pre-ordered from its Kickstarter page. The customers who are pre-ordering can choose amongst a variety of packages. The company is estimating that the deliveries will be complete by August this year.

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