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Morocco Launches DJI Drones that Spray Aerial Disinfectant

Morocco Launches DJI Drones that Spray Aerial Disinfectant

The kingdom of Morocco, the North African country, has launched a fleet of Chinese DJI drones that are being seen as a boon in the deeply problematic conditions owing to the virus outbreak. The drones will not only offer surveillance to the security persons but also spray disinfectants below from the sky.

A strict lockdown in the kingdom ensures that people stay more and more inside their homes and not step out. In fact, in that direction, the country has witnessed quite a lot of support from the people who are abiding by the strict rules and regulations imposed. The authoritarian regime has increased its deployment of drones to curb the spread of the virus and the disease.

The drone company that has witnessed a surge in demands all across the globe finds the whole thing to be booming like craze. The Chinese DJI drones that are being ordered by different states across the world are the most suitable for the public service announcements and carrying out the sanitization practices with utmost efficiency. In Morocco’s case, important places will witness a downpour of the disinfectant sprayed from above.

Yassine Qamous, chief of Droneway Maroc, who is the African acting distributor for frontline Chinese drone maker DJI, stated that the demand for drones has almost tripled in Morocco. These unmanned flights are seeing a progressive range of uses by states, more so to establish law and order.

It is relevant to note that despite having a dedicated industrial base, talented and qualified researchers, and an able team of pilots, the civilian drones have stuck to few sectors only. These sectors include filming, inspecting, and mapping for agriculture and other such spheres. The drone company’s distributor named the country to be one of the most advanced countries in the continent of Africa. 

The drones have been increasingly deployed to ensure law and order by the security authority. By way of issuing warnings and being aided to identify suspicious movement in the towns, the security personnel are greatly benefitted from the holistic view from the top. It helps to impose distancing regulation in the country and disperse illegal rooftop and balcony assembly by people.

Earlier it was Spain that had deployed drones that had loudspeakers fitted in them. The first such usage came from mainland China itself that had pioneered the use of this technology to distribute essential items to the people stuck in quarantine. It greatly reduced the need for interference by humans, and the sanitation staff in specific.

Moreover, many countries made use of such drones to give grocery items like milk, bread, and vegetables to people stranded in their homes. There was news that an automaker was distributing keys to customers with the help of drones to enforce the physical distancing norms. Since there was also a dire need to maintain no contact while providing even the basic services, we heard of a pilot drone delivery service in Moneygall, Ireland.

Similarly, the scope of the usage of a drone as technology has widened in this fight against the pandemic all around the world.

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