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Most Smart TVs worldwide are now relying on Samsung Tizen OS

Most Smart TVs worldwide are now relying on Samsung Tizen OS

Smart TVs, as they are rightly named, are in demand all over the world right now. And by what we know, many telecommunication firms have entered into this section. Amongst all these firms, Samsung has managed to retain its top spot within the Smart TV market. 

The reason for Samsung’s successful stint when it comes to Smart TVs can be attributed to the fact that the South Korean based tech giant uses its platform, Tizen OS, to manufacture these smart television sets. On the contrary, Smart TVs manufactured by other companies are taking the aid of Android TV software, which, along with either Amazon Fire TV, Roku software, or the company’s self-made interface, cause the Smart TV to operate.

Tizen OS, the platform that results in these TVs’ smooth functioning, has been developed over the Linux platform.

Thanks to the fact that Samsung TVs worldwide are being sold in large numbers, Tizen OS has become one of the most wanted Smart TVs platforms, going by the success rates depicted by Samsung’s smart appliance. And going by the sale of Samsung’s Smart TVs during Q3, Tizen OS has emerged to be the most wanted Smart TV platform at a global level.

A report has been released by Strategy Analytics, which states that amongst the presently connected TV devices across the world, about 12.5% of the Smart TVs made use of the Tizen OS platform. Samsung’s self-designed Smart TV platform is way ahead of LG’s WebOS, Sony’s Playstation, Roku TV’s OS, Amazon’s Fire TV, and Android TV made by Google. It may seem a little surprising that all the big players have been left behind, but this is true.

The report further reveals that Smart TVs, in large numbers, 11.8 million to be precise, has been sold by Samsung during the July-September quarter of 2020. Going by these numbers, undoubtedly, Samsung has seen a lot of success during this period, which it has never witnessed before. No other Smart TV producer has witnessed this many sales of its television sets during any quarter. It looks like Samsung has broken its record too.

Going on a number basis, presently, the Tizen OS platform resides in about 155 million Smart TVs or perhaps even more, on a global scale. That marks a jump of 23% for Tizen OS compared to the numbers during the same period last year.

Strategy Analytics has also stated that the TV appliance market has seen a 19% growth year-on-year. About 81.3 million TV units, comprising not only Smart TVs but also media streaming devices and gaming consoles, were sold during the third quarter this year. That comes from the fact that most of the people were forced indoors this year owing to the pandemic, and hence the demand for home entertainment gadgets also spiked.

Owing to its increasing demand, Samsung is looking forward to giving a boost to the Tizen OS platform by planning to monetize it. Here, it needs to be seen how successful Samsung becomes in striking a balance between monetizing the Tizen OS platform and keeping its users also content at the same time.

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