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Motorola’s Razr made a comeback in a foldable form

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Motorola plans to relaunch its Razr model in a completely new format – this would be a foldable one. This new format of Razr is slated to appear in markets around January 2020. It would be priced at $1499.

The first model of Motorola Razr, which was quite common during the early 2000s, came with a sleek metallic build and a keyboard highlighted by an electroluminescent display. The phone also made a prominent snap sound whenever someone shut it.

Post this, Motorola again made efforts to bring the Razr brand to fame by adding its name to a line of Android phones -the Droid Razr, the Droid Razr HD and the Razr Maxx. These phones, too, received satisfactory ratings from people who used them. However, they could not become as popular as the earlier model.

Now, Motorola again plans to bring back the Razr model. However, this one will fold into half its size. When one opens it, it resembles a smartphone. It is made in such a manner that when folded, it can easily fit into anyone’s pockets.

Features of the new Motorola Razr
The announcement of Motorola Razr’s comeback was made at an event in Los Angeles. Earlier in 2019, the Wall Street Journal had reported that Motorola Razr’s latest model would come with a flexible display. This would enable it to fold to half its size. Different sources also released the videos and photos of this Moto Razr.

This phone comes with an LCD along with a 6.2-inch plastic OLED panel. It works on Google’s Android 9 Pie operating system. It is simply denoted as Motorola Razr.

This new model resembles a lot like the old Razr phone. However, the latest model comes equipped with a fingerprint sensor, which is embedded at the bottom of the phone. The phone is made up of stainless steel along with Gorilla Glass. It does not contain any audio jack, however; it does come with a USB-C charging port.

When opened, the thickness of the phone is just 6.9 mm. One can imagine how slim it would look. Even when folded, the thickness of the phone is not much – just 14 mm, which is quite thinner as compared to Samsung Galaxy Fold, when folded.

A few applications and settings on the phone can be accessed even when the phone is folded. The screen size is 2.7-inches when folded and when opened, the screen measures 6.7-inches.

The camera works differently in a foldable phone. When this phone is folded, the 16 MP rear camera can be used for taking a selfie via the 2.7-inch “Quick View” screen. When the phone is unfolded, the same camera can be used as the rear camera. In this case, an internal 5 MP camera can be used for clicking selfies.

Again, the hinge of the phone is designed beautifully. It is made in a way such that, it will actually be difficult to make out that there is a hinge. It is denoted as a zero-gap hinge, which the company claims that it has implemented it for the first time. A hinge designed in this manner would enable the phone to close completely without any gaps, thereby protecting it from dirt and dust.

The only drawback with this phone could be its battery life. This is because the battery power is 2510 mAh, which is quite smaller compared to the latest Android and iPhones.

As the phone does not come at a very low price, one really needs to see the number of people wishing to own this device. While Motorola has welcomed a foldable device, Samsung is trying to figure out how to convert a phone into a tablet. Motorola sure has a lot to watch out for!!!

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