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Motorola Releases its New Flipping Razr Phone in Gold

Motorola releases its new Flipping Razr Phone in Gold

When Motorola released its Flipping Razr Phone, the entire world loved it because of its unique foldable design. Many customers pre-booked it even before months of its release date. It was no surprise when the phone sold out pretty quick. The only downside to this model was that it did not come in better colors. But the problem has been solved by Motorola, as the company has recently launched the phone with a beautiful black and gold color scheme. The bottom back of the phone will be featuring the golden color, giving it a striking appearance.

The original version of the phone came in the ‘noir black’ colour, which gave it a very simple and basic feel. Like the original, the new Flipping Razr Gold will also be a Verizon exclusive product. The cost of the phone will be around $1499, but it really will be worth the price. 

Currently, the company has two colour variants for the Flipping Razr Phone, the gold and black. Both the phones will cost the same price and as expected, they will both support the same specifications. Whether it be the Snapdragon 710 processor, to the midrange battery power, all of it will remain the same.

The Motorola Verizon Exclusive Flipping Razr Phone, on its release was obviously appreciated by people for its unique design. But it still does not hide the fact that the phone lacked various basic features, performed poorly in the market. It was criticized a lot for its poor camera, as it failed to take good photos and had difficulty in focusing on faces.

A detailed review by Dieter Bohn pointed out how Motorola’s Flipping Razr failed in the market because of concentrating too much on its external appearance and lagging behind in performance. The reviewer also stated that the battery power of the phone was also inadequate and not sufficient enough to last for even 4 to 5 hours. He commented that the Motorola’s Flipping Razr was a ‘compromised phone’.

Despite receiving such major criticisms from so many reviewers and users, the Motorola Company has surely paid no heed to it. As the company still continues to put its focus on the appearance. The Company on its new Flipping Razr only made changes to the colour scheme, but no focus was made on the performance of the phone. The company did not make any effort in fixing the focusing issue of the camera as well as increasing the efficiency of the battery.

Therefore, people who are not a very keen user of mobile phones, but are only interested in the external appearance of a device, can surely choose to buy Motorola’s Flipping Razr Phone at a price of $1499. Expecting the phone to last for the entire day on a single charge will be wrong. Users after purchasing the phone, have been disappointed as some reviews clearly suggested that the phone is inadequate for people who are used to using their mobile phone for extensive gaming experience and are also a keen photographer.

Whether the Motorola Company will focus more on the hardware and performance of their device is still unknown as they have not responded to any emails, messages, texts or phones. On enquiring the Company was not immediately available to respond to our questions. But according to sources, the company is working on something big for their next launch, so Motorola fans are not going to remain disappointed for long. 

No official statement has been released by the Company about their new project, therefore it’s just speculations and word of mouth news.

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