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Motorola Soon to Release an Affordable Model of its popular Zero-bezel Edge Phone

Motorola soon to release an affordable model of its popular Zero-bezel Edge Phone

Motorola is a company that has always made sure to cater to its budget-limited fans as well. So, when the company has reportedly decided to re-launch itself into the market by returning with its flagship phones Edge+, the company has also decided to launch an affordable version for its high-end phone. The XDA-developers shared some pictures and information online, which gave us enough of a sneak peek and information that a non-plus edge phone will surely be released, that too, at a very affordable price.

Both Edge+ and Edge will be very similar in features such as its screen size, which is 6.7 inches. Both will come with the waterfall display with zero horizontal bezels, have a tiny camera with 25 megapixels, a 90 Hz refresh rate, making it very fast, and a Snapdragon 765 processor with limited 6 GB of Ram. That is exactly where the difference comes in both the Edge and Edge+ model. The Edge+ will have a better processor with more RAM, which is Snapdragon 865 and 8 GB Ram. The Camera main sensor on the Edge model is only 64 MP, whereas it is 108 MP for the Edge+.

That is all for the difference in both the devices. The Edge and Edge+ will also have a 16 MP wide-angle shooting camera with laser auto focus. It will also have an 8 MP telephoto sensor. Therefore, no matter which phone you buy, you get all of these with it. The camera surely comes equipped with a lot of high-tech services that are not available in most phones in the market currently.

The Edge+ comes with earphones that are not wired to the phone. Hence, if you are a fan of air pods, the Edge+ will be the perfect choice for you, but the same cannot be said for the regular Edge model. The company has decided to provide the Edge with wired audio, and thus it is good news for people who kept losing their air pods or misplacing it.

Another significant difference between both the models is their battery, The Edge comes with a smaller battery of only 4500 mAh, whereas the Edge+ has a 5000 mAh battery in it. But don’t be disappointed, as the Motorola company is very keen on pleasing its low-budget users, and have provided the Edge with an under-display fingerprint reader, which is must-have security for every phone. It also has equipped its users with a 128 GB of expandable memory. So, apps, games, and music, you can store as much as you want on your phone.

The company has not released any official statement on when the regular Edge model will be released or will be headed to the parent company Verizon. The Edge+, on the other hand, has already made it through Verizon and will be available in the market soon. The same cannot be said for the Edge. There may also be rumors that the said model might never be released, and you may have to go for an unlocked model of Motorola, which is very common, looking at Motorola’s past lineup.

The phone market is very diverse, and it’s no wonder that tech companies keep coming up with new releases or better upgrades for their phone within every 2 months. Therefore, to be able to sustain the tough competition and to maintain a position for themselves in the market, companies like Motorola have no choice other than releasing an affordable version of their high-end phones. The same strategy was used by Apple when it released iPhone 6, with various cost models such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s plus, and a lot more. Android, on the other hand, releases just two or three different versions of the same model by providing it with a better processor, storage, and ram. Whether Motorola will be able to adapt to the new market of mobile phones, float or sink horribly will be known after it has released the Edge+ into the market.

According to market analysts, there has been some limited buzz around the phone, and consumers are waiting desperately for the company to release an affordable version of it.

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