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Motorola’s Moto G9 Plus Specs Out contain a 64-Megapixel Camera and a 5,000mAh Battery.

Motorola’s Moto G9 Plus specs out contain a 64-megapixel camera and a 5,000mAh battery.

Quite recently, Motorola unveiled the Moto G9 Play, a device in the budget G9 series. Now, another device joining the same lineup is the Moto G9 Plus. The device has been listed on the website of Orange Slovakia, a European website. WinFuture’s Roland Quandt found out about it and posted its details on his Twitter account. According to the retailer listing, the device is expected to cost around $300. It would be coming with a quad-camera setup at the rear portion. One of these, the prime one, is a 64-MP camera. The phone would also have a huge 5000 mAh battery.

Motorola’s recent flagship phones like Edge Plus and Foldable Razr, have been offering an average performance at the max. However, the phones falling in the G series lineup are budget-friendly ones, like the G Stylus and the G Power, whose performance is quite commendable. The cameras coming within these phones are amazing; they are, in fact, quite good for that cost. Moreover, these phones are equipped with batteries having a long-lasting life. The Android operating systems installed within these phones are also quite good.

According to the sources, the Moto G9 Plus is expected to have a display screen measuring 6.81 inches, with a resolution of 1080p. It has about 4GB RAM and storage space of about 128 GB. The storage can be increased owing to the availability of a microSD slot. The phone would function on the Android 10 operating system. Currently, there is no information regarding the resolution of the other three rear cameras. The front portion of the device consists of a hole-punch notch designed for the selfie camera. The design quite matches the images leaked out by Evan Blass a few days back.

The Moto G9 Plus seems to be the second or the third phone coming up in Motorola’s Moto G9 series. It would depend on the order in which the user counts the devices within the series. Sometime last month, the Moto G9 Play was launched in the European Market. A day ago, this device also made its entry in the Indian markets, much similar to the one launched in Europe. 

The Moto G9 Plus costs a little more than the Moto G9 Play. In Europe, the Moto G9 Play is priced at 169.99 Euros. The G9 Plus comes with a display screen measuring 6.5 inches, a little smaller than the G9 Plus. The resolution is 1080p, very much the same as G9 Plus. Apart from this, the phone is equipped with three cameras. However, the resolution of the main camera is just 48 MP. It also consists of a Snapdragon 662 processor.

On the contrary, according to XDA Developers, the G9 Plus is equipped with a Snapdragon 730 processor that boasts a much superior performance compared to the Snapdragon 662 processor. However, the MotoG9 Play also has the same massive 5000mAh battery. It proves one thing-all Motorola budget phones would have long-lasting battery life, irrespective of whichever phone is chosen by the user. 

So far, there is no information as to when the Moto G9 Plus would be launched. However, going by the fact that it has figured in the retailer listings, we can be assured that the release is not very far away, and it would arrive soon.

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