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Movie Directors to Ensure that Apple iPhones do not Fall into the Hands of Antagonists

Movie directors to ensure that Apple iPhones do not fall into the hands of antagonists

It looks like Apple is quite particular about who makes use of iPhones, especially on camera. Rian Johnson, a well-known Hollywood director, producer, and screenplay writer, has claimed that Apple is not in favor of allowing the onscreen “bad guys” or villains to make use of Apple iPhones within any movie. 

As per MacRumors reports, Rian Johnson gave an interview to Vanity Fair quite recently wherein, apart from specifying some details from his movie Knives Out, he went on to describe how Apple is very particular about the usage of its iPhones on camera. Johnson went on to say, “bad guys cannot have iPhones on camera.”

The excerpts from Johnson’s interview regarding this entire scenario are as follows:

Apple… they let you use iPhones in movies but — and this is very pivotal if you’re ever watching a mystery movie – bad guys cannot have iPhones on camera. So oh nooooooo, every single filmmaker that has a bad guy in their movie that’s supposed to be a secret wants to murder me right now.

Apple has strict rules in its place for movie directors, which states that onscreen antagonists should not be allowed to enact any scene with an iPhone in their hands. The iPhone maker has made this guideline mandatory for all movie directors, to which they are expected to adhere strictly. On the contrary, the rule is not the same for the protagonists of the movie. They are allowed to show off an iPhone or any Apple device on camera. If one remembers the TV program 24, the serial protagonists were found using Apple Macs.

Johnson feels this is a little difficult since no film can be made without having an antagonist. And it would only be unfair to the villains of any movie to impose such a condition. After all, any person, whether good or bad, would be wanting to use the best phone, even if it is only within a movie.

Apple is very particular about portraying the usage of its devices positively. It is totally against exhibiting any of its devices in a bad light. The list of guidelines within Apple trademarks and copyrights specifically states that the company only encourages its products to be shown in good light or in a manner that embarks a lot of positivity on all of its products.

According to reports from Business Insider, Apple was the most preferred brand globally all through last year. Given this recognition that the tech giant has received, undoubtedly, it would want its devices to be used only in those circumstances that reflect a positive approach. Hence, it is striving towards achieving the same. The brand value of Apple was valued at $234.2 million during 2019.

Now that all of this information has been poured in by Johnson, an acclaimed movie director, one won’t be surprised when viewers would be trying to catch a glimpse of the protagonists and antagonists’ devices in any movie from hereon. At least that would reveal the details which are otherwise normally eclipsed from the viewers. 

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