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Movies doing the “disappearing act” on Disney Plus

Disney Plus movies are quietly disappearing

The launch of Disney Plus in November looked quite promising with viewers getting an idea of watching the movies of their choice at any convenient time. This was assumed as Disney Plus had stated that the movies once available on its streaming channel would be present permanently for viewing. However, that does not seem the case now. According to the gaming website “Polygon”, some of the very famous movies were removed by the entertainment channel right on the first day of the new year.

Consider this-all the three versions of the Home Alone movie were available when Disney Plus was started initially. However, on Jan 1, the original “Home Alone” and “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York” were involuntarily removed from the channel. Now, this is a little surprising after what Disney Plus had promised earlier-that it won’t be telecasting movies on a rotational basis of licensed movies every month. So, this was pretty clear that a movie that arrives once on Disney Plus is bound to stay permanently.

Apart from the two Home Alone version movies, a few other movies that have been removed by Disney Plus are Dr. Dolittle, Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and The Sandlot. All of these movies have just disappeared without the slightest hint.

Though Disney has not stated anything with regards to these random movie removals, Polygon reports that these movie removals are a result of a few licensing deals. Apparently, Disney Plus has run into certain problems concerning the licenses of a few movies with other parties. Once the licenses of these movies expire with these other parties, then they would be back on Disney Plus.

The manner in which these movies have disappeared randomly from Disney Plus has taken many viewers by surprise. This is due to the fact that these movies have been removed very quietly without any hints or warnings. Such type of occurrences of movies coming and going away from streaming channels is pretty common. However, usually, some announcements are made on the content that would be vanishing soon. Other fellow streaming services like Netflix and Hulu announce the upcoming content as well as those who would be going away soon.

Disney Plus usually announces its upcoming movies; however, this time, it has removed movies without any warnings. Although Disney has stated that the movies that have been removed would again arrive onboard once their licenses have been cleared, at this point, it is difficult to predict anything of that sort.

However, there are possibilities of movies like Star Wars: The Last Jedi and Coco to make an appearance on Netflix sometime around 2026. If such a thing happens, these movies won’t be available on Disney Plus that year-this is because at present the deal between Netflix and Disney is somewhat like that. However, 2026 is still long away and one never knows-these deals can always change.

From this, one can deduce the following-one cannot expect every Disney movie to be available on Disney Plus at any point in time. And any movie coming to the streaming channel cannot be expected to stay forever. In the future, in case any interesting movie comes on Disney Plus, it is best to catch it up as soon as possible.

Image Source: Polygon

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