Mubi streaming services now launching in India

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Television and movie lovers in India can now rejoice further. With streaming services giants like Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus and Voot (to name a few) already offering round the clock entertainment to Indian viewers, it can’t get any better when another streaming service is joining this list. Mubi, a 12-year old online streaming service, would now be providing entertainment to Indian viewers as well. Mubi is a company headquartered in London.

The subscription charges for the same are priced at Rs.199 for three months. This is equivalent to $2.8. Post this the subscription fees would be $7 a month or $67 a year (which is approximately $5.5 a month). These subscription charges are quite low when compared to those in the UK or the US.

People from the UK pay about 9.9 Euros per month for Mubi streaming entertainment. Likewise, in the US, people need to pay a subscription fee of $10.99 every month.

Mubi may not be popular as compared to its competitors like Hotstar, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and so on. It offers very limited content when compared to these other streaming channels. However, Mubi has managed to carve a niche for itself by offering some very popular movies which many fans long for.

Presently, Mubi provides only 30 movies. These are all recent movies. If a new movie comes up, another one goes off the same day. On average, these movies do not exist for more than 30 days on the streaming channel.

Mubi streaming service began sometime in 2007. Initially, it also aimed to become as popular as Netflix and Amazon Prime. However, it could not offer many titles to its viewers. Efe Cakarel, founder and chief of Mubi, was interviewed by The New York Times a couple of years ago.

At that time, he had stated that “In the beginning, we wanted to be like Netflix, but the unit economies of an ‘all-you-can-eat’ site are very capital-intensive”.


Cakarel feels that if they cannot offer quantity, at least they can offer quality. Which simply means instead of showcasing thousands of titles, only a few good ones can be shown to viewers.

During the previous month in an interview, Cakarel had stated that unlike its other competitors who focus mainly on the latest TV series, Mubi prefers telecasting some old and good TV shows. Even though people may not prefer watching such old TV series, at some point in time they might love to catch up on some decade-old flicks.

In India, Mubi has a special channel featuring some localized movies. It is offering some good Hindi movies like Salaam Bombay and Andaz Apna Apna. Of course, Indian viewers can also catch up on other global movies like Moonlight.

Mubi has appointed film producer and Academy Award winner Guneet Monga to handle its business in India. She would be playing the role of a content advisor. Cakarel feels that there cannot be a better person than Monga, who has produced movies like “The Lunchbox” and “Gangs of Wasseypur” to manage the streaming service in India. It has also tied up with Times Bridge.

Mubi has partnered with a few local distributors like Ultra, Shemaroo, PVR Pictures, NFDC and FilmKaravan to telecast their movies to the Indian viewers. Movies which would be streamed are Kanu Behl’s “Binnu Ka Sapna”, Kamal Swaroop’s “Om Dar-B-Dar and Mani Kaul” s ghost story “Duvidha”.

Indian viewers can also catch a glimpse of their favourite movies by paying a rental fee of $3.5. They can choose any movie they wish to see.

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