Banning of Electric Scooter in Nashville after a Scooter-related Death

David Briley, the mayor of the city Nashville, formally notified that the electric scooters will be banned from operating in the city. This decision was although in consideration for a long time, but its confirmation came after the death of Brady Gaulke, a 26-year-old Nashville resident in an accident. 

Reports said that Bradly Gaulke had twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system and also that he was responsible for the collision with a SUV. After almost a week of the incident, the Mayor David Briley announced that he is going to remove all the electric scooters from the city.

Mayor Briley’s tweet post read – “Today, I notified Nashville’s seven scooter companies of my decision to end the pilot period and ban e-scooters from our streets. We have seen the public safety and accessibility costs that these devices inflict, and it is not fair to our residents for this to continue.”

Briley also asked the four major scooter operating companies in Nashville – Lyft, Jump, Bird and Lime to support the same after the safety of the residents were prioritized over the proposals regarding shared urban mobility device (SUMDs) submitted by the Companies. There are in total although seven companies operating and they had the deadline of June 22 to respond to the list of safety concerns.

The number of concerns because of which Mayor Briley decided to do what he did were related to the current scooter operations which included visual clutter, improper riding, parking violations, and poor rider education as he mentioned in the letter in his tweet. 

Mayor Briley has also been considerate as he has suggested the Metro Council that the legislation direct the transportation Licencing Commission (TLC) to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP) within 90 days of the Council’s Approval of the ordinance. The RFP is mainly in action to consider adding back a limited number of operators to provide a smaller number of scooters but only to those who are able to meet the requirements of safety and accessibility. 

Although it is strictly advisable that the electric scooters be driven not without wearing a helmet, people can be barely seen wearing them. Not debatable, adds to the risks of the safety. Despite the list of dangers that come along with the electric scooters, they still continue to grow as they form up the “micro-mobility- Revolution”. The US definitely is in need of the micro-mobility revolution, but it should come with safer rules that do not take up the life of the riders who tend to ride them for fun and enjoyment of them.

While there are other places in the world like New York, where people are fighting and rallying for legalizing of the electric scooters, the Nashville city is in action to banish them due to the safety and accessibility concerns of its residents. All of the technology is only of help till it is used in limit with careful follow up to the how-to-use instructions or else it might just end up hurting the ones we care for.

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