National Taco Day comes with a DIY Taco kit from Taco Bell

October 4 isn’t very far away, and any Taco lover would know why that is so important. Taco Bell, a restaurant chain, sells one of the most loved Tacos across the United States. Customers wait for their Taco Day celebration, which will be happening on the coming October 4. Great and exciting offers are what wait for anyone who loves Tacos and Taco Bell on this day. 

The once-a-year celebration always has some amazing new recipes or ways of celebrating that can be seen at Taco Bell. As for this year, the restaurant chain is planning to launch a DIY Taco kit! How cool would that be? 

Making your Tacos is the best way to enjoy the snack fresh and in its best form. The entire essence of having a Taco lies in its fresh ingredients, which anyone can now experience on Taco Day with the help of this new kit that will be available only for the day. 

Also, the Taco kit isn’t just about the fresh ingredients it will have. You will be able to create your very own personalized Taco by yourself. No need to go through the hassle here, as all of it will be possible to be done at your home and in Taco Bell style. It is time to gear up that inner chef in you and get ready to create your fresh snack this Taco Day. 

The Taco kits are already available as you can pre-order them for the day through any of the delivery services like GrabFood, Foodpanda, or you may dial 8911-1111 for select areas only. You will have your own Taco kit at home soon after ordering through any of these options.

Although, just having the Taco kit is not the entire celebration that Taco Bell has planned for the customers on this very special day. If you are ordering from GrabFood, your delivery fee will be deducted by P59, and this offer will be valid between 1st and 7th October so you can use it as much as you would like to. Only the minimum purchase here has to be of P599 to be eligible for the discount here.

The offer isn’t just here. There’s another part of the day planned by Taco Bell, which can help fans show how much they love Tacos or Taco Bell. On this day, Taco lovers can dress up their Facebook profile pictures with a very exclusive Taco Bell National Taco Day frame. This frame will be available only for the day, so I might as well try it out and show your love for Tacos.

Taco Bell will also reward loyal fans on this day of celebration. All the fans who use the frame will have a chance to get a free taco by the end of the day with any of the branches. It will require only spending of P300, and the free Taco will be yours!

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