Netflix brings the mobile-only plan to Malaysia for $4 per month

Netflix introducing mobile plan services in Malaysia Image

Netflix has finally decided to bring the mobile-only plan to Malaysia. This plan was earlier available only in India and had lower subscription fees as compared to the general plan for the streaming service. Netflix mobile-plan designed for users who wanted to watch the shows on their smartphones anytime, anywhere, without carrying a laptop. The condition for using the mobile plan is that the users cannot use this plan in their desktops and that the video quality of the shows in the mobile plan would be low, i.e., 480p.

Netflix had invented the mobile plan at very low subscription fees, around $2.8 per month in India. This plan would be soon made available for the users in Malaysia at the cost of $4 per month. The reason for making this plan available in Malaysia is that the reports stated that users tend to watch the shows in their smartphones rather than on desktops. Most of the streaming services in Malaysia have the feature of mobile plans, which can hamper the profit of Netflix in Malaysia if this plan is not made available in the country soon.

“Our members in Malaysia love to watch shows on their smartphones and tablets. With the first-ever mobile plan in Southeast Asia, all of Netflix’s shows will be even more accessible for Malaysians to stream and download,” said the Director of Product Innovation in Netflix, Ajay Arora.

No doubt, Netflix would be having a lot of rivals in Malaysia like iFlix, Dimsum, Viu, and may more. These streaming services are Malaysian based streaming services and are quite popular among the people in there.

Not only that, but Netflix is also facing some of the major rivals of the time. With series and originals becoming more famous, most of the companies have started making their own streaming services in order to gain more customers. The biggest rival in this area for Netflix would be Disney+, which is going to release on the 12th of November. Disney is known for creating content which is kid-friendly and has gained a lot of popularity since its first show. With Disney+ in the view, Netflix would surely be facing fierce competition. To add more, the subscription fee or Disney+ is much less than that of Netflix.

According to news, Netflix has even taken a debt in order to create more content and shows. The steps taken by Netflix shows that the streaming service company is preparing itself for the competition and is also trying to retain its customers from switching to other streaming services.

Meanwhile, in the recent hardware event of Apple, the company has announced that it would be creating its own streaming service, which would be made available in iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, and other Apple devices, including Apple TV. Though, for now, Netflix would have to take more major steps in order to maintain its position as the best streaming service.

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