Netflix is in action to introduce the Pop-Out, Picture-in-Picture Feature

Netflix Pop-out feature for desktop Image

Netflix is currently conducting tests to bring the pop-out feature in the desktop versions. Although it has yet not commented anything about the pop-out feature officially, there is a confirmation by the company itself that the tests are underway. The feature is under testing and is only available for a few users.

The new Netflix pop-out feature will enable the picture-in-picture (PiP) mode or effect that will shrink the video player and show it in a smaller window. This assists the Netflix users to multitask while watching their favorite series. It is a pop-out video feature that is similar to iOS and macOS or any other app that supports Safari’s native player. 

While watching a Netflix show or movie for entertainment, the pop-up player can be activated by simply clicking the button on the bottom toolbar. A floating player will appear which will hover at the front of the content of the screen. It can be moved to any place or can be resized. The feature does not allow the enabling of subtitles yet.

Netflix users are often found due with their work as they tend to spend more time on the Netflix series. Netflix is all set to manage that for their users who love to work and watch. Netflix regularly tests new features. Some of those recent tests are instant-replay button, new ads, and cheaper mobile-only subscriptions.

This is very different from split screen mode or adjusting the size of the browser manually. The pop-out feature does not have a search bar or any page tabs. It only shows the content and an “x” to exit the pop-out screen.

Here is how Netflix describes the page that is displayed to the selected users when the pop-out on the page is enabled:

“You’re watching in the Pop-Out Player.

  • Multi-task while it stays on top of other windows and applications
  • To resize it, click and drag the corners
  • To close it, click the X in the player, Back to Browse, or close this tab” 

Once you have started working in the background with the pop-out videos going on, the main window will display that the pop-out player is currently working. To switch back to the main window, you will have to click on the option of ‘Watch Later’. The pop-out feature is of Netflix itself and does not use the native picture-in-picture mode offered by browsers like Safari or Chrome.

Currently, Netflix has a subscription base of 139 million worldwide. Undoubtedly, most of the users will appreciate the update it is currently testing. Netflix usually brings updates which anger the users instead of being any use to them. But this update is different which not only would allow the user to multitask, complete due works on time and send important emails without having to stop the video, but it would also lead to increase the overall productivity which was hindered before because of the addiction people generated in themselves regarding the Netflix series and movies.

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