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New EQV Van from Mercedes Benz Launched in the European Market

New EQV van from Mercedes Benz launched in the European market

Mercedes Benz has come up with a new model of EQV 300, which is an all-electric premium vehicle put forward for sale in the European market. It is the second vehicle of the same category that Benz launched while adding to the line of battery-powered electric car models under the new brand and segment EQ.

Customers who have kept up with the brand would know that a concept version of the EQV was shown earlier in March 2019. The design was one of the few selected for production and finally launched in the market. Many before this one, have had the destiny of not reaching the same mark.

The EQV offers eight seats to the users and is on the premium end of the market, which is reflected in its price as well. The base price is close to $78359, and that speaks a lot about the target audience Mercedes Benz is picking at here. The brand is also marketing the car to be used by corporate professionals, adventurers, and families.

There is a lot of flexibility as well as being offered by the vehicle in terms of its seating. The seating can be refigured to meet the needs of the user. The EQV can even be used for packages and not just people.

Car enthusiasts would be very excited to know that the EQV comes with a compact electric drive train on the front axle, which allows for the production of 201 horsepower. As per sources the car can travel 260 miles as per estimation. Along with the features of the car itself, the company is also pushing towards its MBUX infotainment system, which has many connectivity features and a self-learning voice control system.

Customers should know that the EQV 300 would be launched in the market in two versions, the other one having a longer wheelbase version and being called Avant-Garde. Both versions of the model would be produced in the same factory and soon will be seen in the markets for customers to purchase.

There is a lot that the company is offering to buyers of the EQV, including a four-year maintenance plan that covers the battery up-to eight years or 160,000 km. Navigation services will also be free for the next 36 months from purchase. One-year free access to Mercedes me charge will also be added to the list of benefits here, so the buyers are in for a lot.

Since the launch of the EQ brand in 2016, there is a lot that Mercedes Benz has accomplished in the area. With a continuous increase in the investment in the new segment, customers can expect many more vehicles to be added to the battery-powered line that the parent brand is set on creating. It is a great initiative that has been taken and would result in decreased carbon emissions in the future for sure

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