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A new facility for assembling mobility carts is about to open up in August in South Columbia

New mobility carts assembling facility to open up in August

Volunteers at Mobility Worldwide have always been used to assembling the mobility carts in quite cramped up places. They have been building these carts and shipping them to various countries all over the world. This problem with the shortage of space will finally get resolved after August 1 for most of their volunteers. Mobility Worldwide has decided to open up a new production house or as they call it a facility in South Columbia.

Space is supposedly going to be bigger than any of their previous facilities. It will be 12500 square foot space and will be located at 4825 E. Meyer Industrial Drive, South Columbia. The new building offers noticeably more space than the previous one at 1908 Heriford road, Northeast Columbia. The new space is called Mel Barbara West Cart Center and is 3500 square feet larger.

This larger space will make the assembling of mobility carts much easier for the volunteers. The company has been producing these carts since 1994. The mobility carts are a three-wheeled wooden cart that assists people in navigating through rough terrains. These are mostly shipped to the developing countries like Africa, Latin America, etc where the roads may not be as developed. The carts are usually used by people disabled by polio, land mines, birth defects, and other accidents. With almost 200 volunteers and two paid staff members, the facilities of Mobility Worldwide are each able to produce about 35 carts per week. The company currently operates from 23 locations in various places but it started from a warehouse in Columbia. 

The firm is hoping to see bigger numbers in terms of production after opening the new facility. The volunteers will now have more work room thus making their assembling job faster and easier. Executive director Gary Moreau said in an interview that they are counting on the new facility to allow the production to go from 35 carts per week to about 50 carts per week which is a relatively high percentage in terms of increase in production rate. He also pointed out that this increase will need more donations but the firm is excited to start. The team has been moving boxes and materials into the building this whole week but they are estimating that production will be able to start two weeks from now. 

The Mel and Barbara West Cart Center are built by the Coil Construction of Columbia. This facility is Mobility Worldwide’s fifth facility center in its 25-year production history. The firm gets its funding for material and facilities from different charities and foundations that donate to its cause. The new building features a welding room, higher ceilings for better storage, better loading docks as well as larger assembly areas. Moreau noted that even though welding will still need assistance from some off-site parties, the process will become a lot easier for them. Having increased space in the facility will reduce the time required for transportation and it will also be more energy-efficient. 

Mobility Worldwide has worked towards providing ‘appropriate mobility for all of god’s children in need’. The firm will be sharing this new facility with the sewing machine project and the container project. The firm was founded by Mel West and Larry Hills. West said that this building could be a stepping stone towards their objective of providing mobility to all. He also added that seeing an organization flourish that they put so much of their time and effort in is great. Knowing that their cause will remain long after they have passed is a good feeling.

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