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New Gaming Desk with Adjustable Height Launched by Xiaomi

Technology that accommodates are needs and is built around the same has always been welcomed well by the audience. Companies like Xiaomi understand this aspect and eventually come up with products that are bound to grab attention. 

Currently, Xiaomi is involved in many sectors, including mobile phones, gaming, and more. While gaming seems to be a key area for them, their launch of a gaming monitor doesn’t come as a surprise. The features of their devices are eventually surprising for users. 

At a recent global conference, Xiaomi had shown the world a gaming monitor with some of the most interesting features that could be there. Now, the company has come up with a standing desk that is topping the charts of adjustable furniture.

Simulating carbon fiber at the top of the desk is the highlight feature, but the 70 kilos that it can support are even more commendable. The possibility comes from the strong build and the use of a steel structure. Flexibility is one offer that becomes a feature of the desk. You could have your monitor, tower, keyboard, and mouse on it and still be left with space to add more things. 

One would expect a desk like this to be luxurious looking or rather bulky, but it has been very simply designed to cater to the user’s needs. It can be put as a rectangular space with a cut out in the middle, which is present to accommodate the user during the gaming sessions. 

Another notable feature of the Xiaomi desk is a small screen that is present on the right side. That screen is the real feature in which the desk has been built around. It allows you to change the height of the desk from 71 centimeters to a meter and twenty centimeters. The adjustable height becomes a possibility because of the electric motor that has been incorporated into the design. 

With the Xiaomi desk at your disposal, you can choose to sit in a position that is most comfortable for you. Increasing the height at some point also allows you to stand and work, which seems to be gaining popularity these days. It is not best to sit for long hours in postures that could deplete your health. Hence, you’ll have both possibilities with you and good things that all can be adjusted with that little screen. 

Many height positions have already been programmed into the system, but manual change is also an option that is present. So, you could go either way with it and find the perfect height for yourself. 

The desk is also available on limited platforms for now and is priced at 237 Euros. Only Youpin has the desk available for purchase right now and can’t be ordered through Aliexpress as well. There are more options than Xiaomi has till then, as its gaming table with cable gland and RGB.

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