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New Google Chrome 84 update comes to limit cookies and block intrusive notifications

New Google Chrome 84 update to limit cookie tracking

We all have been through the very annoying notifications that come up on Google Chrome every time that we wish to block and even the cookies to prevent security issues. Google had been implementing an update to ensure this could be eliminated or at least worked within a suitable manner, so it becomes less annoying as we use the browser.

Finally, after a long delay, Google Chrome 84 has the new update that prevents security issues, which were earlier caused by vulnerabilities posed by websites using cookies. The plan was initially to launch this feature as a part of the Google Chrome 80 update, but the company decided on taking back the feature altogether for the time being.

The reason behind the launch’s delay has been none other than the Coronavirus pandemic, which has caused a delay in quite a few things this year. Finally, though, Google Chrome 84 is now available as an update to all desktop users. This version of the web browser has come back with the SameSite cookie changes, which Google had rolled out earlier.

The new changes in the web browser will require all web developers to set the cookies at the SameSite attribute. Otherwise, the settings for that particular website will automatically go back to a more secure option. This might render some websites being broken potentially and now working, which is why Google didn’t wish to create chaos during the lockdown, where online portals stopped working while people were working from home.

After a long delay, though, Google has finally decided to launch this new update where users would be less vulnerable to threats posed by cookies on websites they browse. The SameSite attribute changes will prevent any kind of security breaches that would have been possible earlier, making Google Chrome a more secure browser to use.

It is not just the SameSite attribute that the new update has come with; there’s a lot more in the mix prepared by Google for the new Google Chrome 84 version. Users will also be able to block any kind of intrusive notifications that we usually see popping up on numerous websites we use. This includes ‘follow requests’ as well from websites.

For using the notification blocking feature, the bell icon in the address bar would be really helpful. It will have the option called ‘continue blocking’, which will be able to prevent any pop-ups from showing up on your screen while you browse any of the websites on Google Chrome.

In addition to the blocking feature, users of Google Chrome will also be notified of downloads of files like APK, EXE, etc. It will primarily inform you of the type of file you are downloading and whether it is over an HTTP or HTTPS server. This will help detect any potential threat that might come your way and eventually act as another security layer while ensuring you browse safely.

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