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New Hulu Update Adds Voice Support to Android TVs

New Hulu update adds voice support to android TVs

Lockdown and the global pandemic has had us spending a lot of our time binge-watching our favorite TV shows and movies at home. Many of us have had streaming services like Hulu become a regular part of our life, and with the Hulu App already available for our android TVs, binge-watching couldn’t be easier. 

Hulu has enhanced the game by adding voice support for some of the Android TV app’s playback controls. Users will be able to easily control the app’s functions and their TV alongside, which makes watching your favorite while being a little lazy much better.

There couldn’t be a better opportunity to do so for those looking forward to marathon watching over the weekend or just during a home vacation. It is a good chance also because Hulu has recently decided to strike a deal for Staged, Michael Sheen, and David Tennant-starring lockdown comedy. All the regular Hulu streamers will have something to look forward to till the show comes to life, and when it does, it would be good to use the voice control update.

Voice control has become an essential part of the kind of devices and technology we use today. It comes down to the user’s convenience at the end. With the new update that Hulu has added to its Android Tv app, the user experience will surely be enhanced. Various playback controls, including fast forward, rewind, and previous or next episode, will have voice support to them, as it has been informed by Hulu officially.

Many other streaming services are already offering voice control options for their apps like Amazon has a fire stick, which allows you to control almost everything on your TV with the voice control remote. The new addition that Hulu has done is for the app specifically, so if you don’t have an Amazon fire stick, voice control is still a possible aspect in Android TVs.

The new update gives you the benefit of clicking less number of times while you are watching Tv. This way, you can focus on any other productive work you might like to do while watching TV. It is a small change to the system but will become a massively feature by users soon.

The number of shows that will be available to watch through the streaming service will keep on increasing in number, and surely you will never run out of content to watch. In the name of the same, voice control becomes a very beneficial addition to the android app that Hulu has for TVs.

Hulu’s update is already available on play store for mobile phones but is yet to reach the play store for android TVs. Once updated, all android TV users using Hulu will be able to top use the voice control option with ease.

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