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New iPhone won’t have an adapter in the boxed set available for purchase

New iPhone won’t have an adapter in the boxed set available for purchase

iPhones have changed a lot over the years, along with what comes in the package when you buy one. The news that has come recently states that now you might not find a charger in the package of your new iPhone. Just the handset would be included in the boxed set of the iPhone that would be released later this year, as it is confirmed for now. 

Ming-Chi Kuo, a very reliable analyst, conditions that buyers might not find the regular wired earbuds in the package but no adapter for the charger as well. There might be just the handset and the wire itself in it, according to him. 

Kuo has also mentioned that the charger would be more powerful than the 18W one in the market, which will be changed to a 20W charger, but the users would still have to buy it once they have bought the phone itself. So, it can be expected that the regular 5W and 18W chargers are not produced any more by the company. It will still be an optional accessory moving forward, as expected by many analysts. 

It is not just Ming-Chi Kuo who has picked up on Apple’s current motives with the charger of the new iPhone. Still, Barclays analysts also believe that Apple won’t be bundling an adapter within the package that is offered at the purchase of a new iPhone, only a USB-C cable would be what would be there with the handset. It would surely render many users disappointed. 

Kuo has understood where Apple is coming from with a drastic change like this. The idea seems to support cost-cutting and sell the new iPhones at a higher price while still including the new 5G wireless technology. It is also understandable that iPhone users would still be buying the new phone coming later, despite the price and the changes. 

Some believe that not including an adapter is a rather environment-friendly initiative because most users either have one from an old phone or an old iPhone even. The ones who are just upgrading to a newer model would have the adapter already in most cases. Many also prefer just plugging in the phone using just the wire in their computers, so a lot of extra produce is eliminated. 

Many other changes on similar lines can be expected from the company, like the complete elimination of the 5W adapter for the iPhone SE by the end of this year. It won’t be just the new iPhone 12 that won’t have an adapter in the boxed set. Other devices like iPads, will still have the 12W adapter that has been included till now. 

For users who would not need an adapter when they buy an iPhone moving forward, this change wouldn’t make much of a difference, but for ones who require a new adapter can always buy one. It is assured, though, that there would be much less of those in the landfills as plastic waste getting accumulated.

Image source: MacRumors

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