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New Jersey-Based Boll & Branch Donates 1000 Mattresses to Local Hospitals

New Jersey-based Boll & Branch donates 1000 mattresses to local hospitals

New Jersey-based company, Boll & Branch, has donated 1000 mattresses to local communities and hospitals who were in dire need of those. It is the peak time when hospitals are being increasingly flooded with the COVID 19 patients. As such, the need for these beddings was indispensable.

The company is the one that specializes in the sale of organic cotton, fair-trade bed sheets, mattresses, and towels. Keeping its customary production at bay, it ventured to produce additional beddings to meet the growing demands of the hospitals treating the coronavirus patients.

Scott Tannen is the man when it comes to figuring out supply chains. His product line ventures to inputs from India. But, what got him thinking in the entire conundrum was one of Governor Cuomo’s emails sent publicly in the middle of March. The email was aimed to inform the locals of New York City about construction of a hospital in their area. 

The pop-up hospital, which was expected to adjust 1000 beds, was underscored to be erected in the Javits Center. A hospital with so many beds is not an easy task to build. Even then, the main problem that plagued Tannen shortly after he read the email was how he could get his company to lend a helping hand. The word “beds” struck him, and he knew what he ought to do exactly.

This way, the process of making quality beds started in full swing. It is relevant to note that the company did not venture into making masks or any PPE, i.e., Personal Protective Equipment. It was because the company recognized that it did not have the requisite amount of infrastructure for the same.

The manufacturing of masks requires machinery and the supply potential to serve at the front lines. Though the New Jersey-based company lacked in this aspect, it turned to what it was best at. It instantly knew that it could produce mattresses and pillows and supply them within time. Utilizing its strengths, Boll & Branch created the beddings with the help of different hospital-grade materials.

True to the criteria laid down by the medical authority, the company’s mattresses come in a Twin XL size. So far, a total of 1000 mattresses have been donated by the company. Not just that, a total of 5000 pillows have also been given away to help the state fight the battle against the virus.

In many states, a number of homeless shelters are coming up. Need of the hour is to accommodate all these people who do not have a home or a roof to shelter them. As such, these homeless shelters exhibit scarcity of beddings. To help this segment in Penn, the company would be donating an extra pile of 500 mattresses to the state of Pennsylvania.

The company initiative is a part of the Brands X Better that aims at collaborating companies that contribute in some way or the other to help the civil society and the state combat the virus. 

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