New Samsung Galaxy 21 comes with s pen support but may not be included with unit

A lot many speculations surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S21 have been around so far. However, these doubts were doubled when the chief of Samsung Mobile, TM Roh, made a revelation regarding some organizational event slated sometime in January. With the announcement regarding the event, speculations are being framed that devices belonging to the Samsung Galaxy S21 category could arrive pretty soon and that the event has been organized for the same purpose.

Roh further stated that the S Pen, which was associated with only the Samsung Galaxy Note models till now, would be available for many other devices that are a part of the series. 

Although Roh has given many updates, side by side, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra coupled with Exynos 2100, has popped up on Geekbench. Images of the front portion of the S21 have surfaced on the internet. All of these scenarios are only strengthening the speculations that the Samsung Galaxy S21 would be here pretty soon.

The Samsung website has a note from Roh stating that the company plans to develop a strong foundation that would help it during the launch of its upcoming generation’s smartphones. Roh has also stated some facts that drop hints regarding its launches during 2021. The name of these flagship devices has not been revealed. However, the features of the device have been stated in brief.

The exact date of the event in January is unknown as of now. However, a few speculations point to the fact that the event would be held on January 14.

A few points hint that the devices lined up within the Galaxy S series would be coming along with the S Pen, which is otherwise normally a part of devices within the Galaxy note lineup. The company is inclined to bring about some of the best features found within the Galaxy Note devices into the Galaxy S devices, and this could be the one.

According to the latest information, the Galaxy S21 Ultra would be compatible with the S Pen. However, customers would have to purchase it separately as it would not be a part of the complete device package.

All of the above facts hinting towards bringing in the Galaxy Note features to other phones indicate that Samsung, in all probable means, is planning to do away with the devices belonging to the Galaxy Note lineup. Some recent reports speculated on this information, which now seems real.

Roh also indicated Samsung’s focus on foldable phones. The company is working towards making its foldable devices reach everyone around the world. Some of its upcoming foldable devices include the Galaxy Z Fold Lite.

Samsung is also focussing on sharpening the camera and video capturing abilities within its upcoming devices in 2021. The Galaxy S21 Ultra is predicted to be sporting a main camera of 108 megapixels and a zooming capability of 10 times the original size.

However, Roh has not provided any details of the phone that appeared on Geekbench. That is speculated to be the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is powered by the Exynos 2100 SoC. Subsequently, a leaked image of what appears like the Samsung Galaxy S21 depicts a flat-screen display sporting a punch-hole. So far, no rear images of the phone are available, and the leakster claims that a lot of work has been carried out on the back portion of the phone. That would be clear only after its images show up.

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