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New Samsung Galaxy Chromebook out on Market by the April 6th

New Samsung Galaxy Chromebook out on Market by the April 6th

Samsung has provided the official release date for its latest Galaxy Chromebook and will be hitting the shelves on April 6th. You can buy it on Monday at the best buy price of $999. The Chromebook comes in two variants of colors, which are the Mercury Gray and the bold Red Fiesta color. The bold red fiesta also appears orange in some of its settings. The Chromebook has a 4K OLED display with a 13.3-inch screen.

It is the first Chromebook with the maximum powerful processor compared to the other Chromebooks. The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook comes with a 10th generation Intel chip, has a RAM of 8 GB and also a 256 GB of SSD. 

In its initial date of the announcement, Samsung said that the new Galaxy Chromebook all set to release in April would come with various additional features and configurations that will make it different from all its predecessor models. Some of those features were supposed to be a RAM of 16 GB and a 1TB SSD. But now, after they released the model into the Market, it is revealed that the makers have cut short of their initial claims and have provided the Galaxy Chromebook with only an 8GB RAM and a 256 GB SSD.

The executive editor of The Verge, Dieter Bohn, in his statement, said that he was very much impressed with the new model of Chromebook and also about the quality of the Hardware. He stated, “One of the nicest pieces of laptop hardware I’ve touched in a very long time.” The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook comes with some of the unique designs, for which Samsung is the most popular. They have a unique built-in camera in the keyboard that can take pictures when used in tablet mode. The company has also provided a silo on the side that holds the stylus and can be used whenever needed.

Looking at the past Trend of companies who have tried to sell Chromebooks, we have found that not many companies have dared to sell it at this price mark. It was only Google who had attempted to sell the Chrome OS at a high price of $999. It includes both the pixel book 2017 and the 2018 pixel slate that was seen as the halo versions of the Chrome operating system. Both the products did not do too well in the Market and received no refresh at their price on the shelves. A new release was made by Google last year itself, called the pixel book go, and the starting price of the device was set at $649.

The price of the newly released Samsung Galaxy Chromebook will be much higher than other Chromebooks by competitors like Asus, which has its device priced at only $549. The Chromebook Flip C434 is not very pricey but has decent functions, specifications, and hardware design. The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook will be much costlier than the Windows Ultrabook as well. 

There used to be a time when buying a Chromebook seemed almost impossible for people on a limited budget. But that is no more day scenario now, as various companies like Asus have come up with the cheaper versions of it. So whether buying the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is certainly worth it, the price will be justified if it comes with high-end Hardware inside and very polished specifications.

On trying to get in touch with the Samsung Company, regarding the release of a higher specification model of the same 8 GB Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, the company was unavailable for comment. The company did not reply to any mail, text, or phone calls related to the situation. Whether the company will make any release or statement on it soon is still unknown.
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