New Update of Whatsapp Features the Forwarding Information and Dark Mode

Whatsapp is planning to push a new update for its users. This new forwarding feature will tell the users the number of times a particular message is forwarded. “Frequently forwarded” label will be given to the messages that are forwarded for more than four times. As of now, these features aren’t enabled.

The latest Whatsapp Beta Update (version 2.19.87) may also bring the much awaited dark mode feature for the Android users. This feature may come for only beta users or can be rolled out for stable users too. One thing for sure is that at least one of the beta features will be introduced to the users with the next Whatsapp update.

A week ago this number of times a message is forwarded feature was disabled for the beta users too. But the latest beta update has enabled this feature, and the beta users can view how many times a message is forwarded.

The thing with this feature is it available only when you are the sender of these forward messages. You can verify the count by selecting a message and then clicking on ‘i’ in a circle (information) symbol.

If you are just a receiver of the forward message, then you won’t be able to find how many times it has been forwarded. In the latest beta build of Whatsapp, the frequently forwarded tag hasn’t appeared.

The traces of dark mode are visible in this latest beta version, and it has been said that Whatsapp will roll out this feature very soon. The profile section, status section, and messages section will get this dark theme. As of now this dark mode isn’t officially rolled out for beta users too, but Whatsapp is trying to bring it to the market pretty soon.


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