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New Video of Xiaomi Showcased Double-Folding Smartphone Prototype

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Xiaomi recently has shared a new video of its double-folding smartphone prototype. The company hasn’t disclosed any specifics related to the phone. But the release of the video confirms the company’s seriousness about foldable phone goals. It directs that Xiaomi is continuing to work on its ambitions. The foldable smartphone from Xiaomi was first showcased in January of this year. The prototype of the smartphone flaunts a double-folding design. It is way different than other foldable phones which are showcased until now. However, there is less clarity, whether the official launch of it is closer or not.

The video was shared on Xiaomi’s official Weibo account. It also re-uploaded the video on YouTube. The video of the prototype although doesn’t unveil anything new. It shows that a person operates the phone in portrait mode in its unfolded state. After that, the person folds the phone changing its orientation. The phone folded from both sides before he/she puts it in a noodle box. There is software lag while changing screen orientation. The lag is clearly visible also during the switch from tablet mode to phone mode. Xiaomi has to fix that before the phone hit the market.

Other smartphone makers like Samsung, Motorola, Huawei have also started working on foldable smartphones. Samsung and Huawei also unveiled their first foldable smartphones last months. Two tech giant revealed their respective smartphones in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold displays an in-folding design. However, Huawei’s Mate X sports an Out-folding design. Xiaomi has stepped on another way with its double-folding design.

There is something more than the form-factors that kindled the smartphone manufacturers’ interest. Motorola has confirmed it is working on its version of the foldable phone. It might use a vertical folding design like Razr to maintain similarity with flip phones. It will also house another secondary screen at its folded state.

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