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NewAir Nugget Ice maker launched by the brand for homes

NewAir Nugget Ice maker launched by the brand for homes

Many must be familiar with the nugget ice or popularly known as the ‘Sonic’ ice, as seen being served by the fast-food chain exclusively in its drinks. Earlier, it wasn’t possible to have the nugget ice at home through the regular ice makers, but now it is very much possible through the NewAir Nugget ice maker launched by the NewAir Appliances.

As known, nugget ice has been the most talked of type of ice across various internet platforms, and to accelerate the same hype, NewAir has come up with an appliance that can help anyone make the nugget ice at home, up to 40 lbs. Before this, the ice makers had only been reserved for commercial purposes which led to the current exclusivity around nugget ice. 

Most people wouldn’t have preferred to invest in the commercial machine that was involved in the preparation of the ice, and even Sonic sells their nugget ice by the cup. But now, anyone can choose to buy the 40 lbs NewAir Nugget ice maker for their home or RV and even other additional purposes. 

As one would expect, the nugget ice maker is designed very differently and rather efficiently as its features suggest. Most ice makers that we would have seen till now, the compact ones specifically, can get you a new batch of ice in twenty minutes but the NewAir one has a high power cooling process that speeds up the ice-making process. One could say that it is one of the fastest models in the market right now.

Although, the fantastic features of the ice maker don’t just end at its cooling process. The interior of the machine is entirely made of steel which is responsible for keeping the ice cooler for a longer period. It again shows how efficient the NewAir Nugget ice maker could be. 

The Product Marketing Manager at NewAir Appliances, Mari Uytiepo, was asked about the product’s innovative design on which she has said that “We wanted to launch an innovative product that also improves on essential ice maker features, so our customers get something new and exciting to add to their home, boat, or RV.”

It is no surprise that NewAir would come up with an innovative product like this, as the brand is previously known for developing such compact appliances which have helped in increasing the efficiency in the kitchen. Even better is the fact that all of their products bring in the sense of elegance to home without being like an extra addition.

The new NewAir Nugget ice maker is only an addition to the brand’s great line of kitchen appliances. It is compact and extremely portable while delivering great crunchy ice at a price that doesn’t seem like an entire investment. The self-cleaning function it has is something most would love above all along with the BPA free parts used in its making. 

More can be expected in the luxurious line of lifestyle appliances that NewAir constantly comes up as the brand is soon planning to add something for beer lovers.

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