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Newborn dies after being hidden inside a washing machine by his own mother

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In a shocking incident, a newborn baby boy died after his mother tried to ‘hide’ him inside a washing machine. The mother, who is an Indonesian, claimed that she did not intend to kill her son, but simply wanted to leave him in an orphanage. The whole of Indonesia is shocked at this bizarre incident. TV footage revealed the lady is weeping and crying post the incident.

The lady is a 36-year old babysitter, named Sutina. She gave birth to a baby boy on November 4. The woman claimed that she was ashamed to have become an unwed mother, which is considered to be a huge taboo in Indonesia. Afraid of being caught and she tried to hide the infant inside the washing machine, ultimately resulting in his death.

Yon Edi Winara, the chief detective in Palembang city, south Sumatra, believes that the infant died due to a lack of oxygen. However, the final autopsy report is still awaited, which would reveal the exact cause of death.

Sutina has stated that she was in a relationship with a man for a few years. Apparently, when her boyfriend discovered her pregnancy, he dumped her. Sutina reportedly did not visit the doctor even after coming to know that she was pregnant. She even wore a corset with the intention of hiding her pregnancy.

On November 4, while Sutina was at her employer’s home, she felt pain in her stomach and visited the washroom. It was there that she gave birth to her baby all by herself without any help. She claimed that the baby fell on the floor as she was standing at that time.

According to local newspapers, the baby was kept inside the machine for at least some time.

When Sutina came out of the bathroom, her colleague discovered her, all pale and tired. Worried that she was unwell, her friend offered to take her to the doctor. It was then that she got scared and then wrapped the baby and hid him inside the washing machine.

However, Sutina’s friend heard the baby cry when she entered the washroom. Then she discovered that the washing machine was switched on. On opening the machine, she found the infant wrapped up in a plastic bag and towel. The baby was immediately rushed to the hospital. However, the doctors could not revive the infant, and he died soon after.

The death of Sutina’s baby highlights the conditions faced by infants who are born out of wedlock and the stigma faced by unmarried mothers in Indonesia. Women’s activist, Hera Diani, feels that there should be a way out for such babies. According to her, there should be a safe and secure option for mothers who are not interested in keeping their babies born as a result of an unwanted pregnancy.

Hera, who is the managing editor and co-founder of an online feminist magazine in Indonesia, called Magdalene.co expressed grief and sadness at the unfortunate incident. According to her, the reproductive health services in Indonesia are extremely poor, which, in turn, increases the pressure on women.

Hera stated that women are very likely to suffer from postnatal depression and baby blues post-birth, which might also have, played a role in this case. According to Hera, public awareness regarding mental health should be increased, which might be a great help.

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