Next ‘Fortnite’ Season Gets Delayed until June 4, the Current Season to Extend Further

Popular video gaming company Epic Games has decided to extend the current Fortnite season by an additional month. It also implies that the new season will be delayed for a month. 

The games were originally planned to be released on May 1. The last time the gamers had heard of launch from Epic Games was in October of the last year. It was Chapter 2 of the games in October of 2019. It has got an extension further. The third season of Chapter 2 will now be released on June 4, which is almost a month of delay.

Gaming seasons do not generally last long. But the first season of Fortnite had become the longest yet due to the extension by the makers. It had got an extension of 4 months’ duration, pushing it to become the longest duration season of all time.

The last update of Chapter 2 was a scenic and exciting beauty. Take, for instance: the battle royale shooter that came with a whole new map, a number of new skins and battle elements adorned with a nice and firm makeover in the mechanic’s segment of the game.

Players could engage in catching fish, swimming and even using boats to traverse here and there. Again, there were sweaty sand piers, Camp Cod, Power Plant and Weeping Woods, which together made the chapter a lot more fun to play. Fresh skins and guns had been made available for the ardent fans of the play. For players who prefer it violent, there were new shotguns and an extra sniper rifle.

The game also featured gas tanks and barrels, which could explode. There was the Bazooka as well. Overall, the game was designed well in line with the players’ expectations. It remains to be seen what the company has planned for the next season. The next season was slated to be launched on May 1. But, now we have a month-long delay pushing it further to June 4.

There is no clarity on the reasons that might have caused the delay. Epic Games has also postponed all of its pro-Fortnite tournaments in keeping with the enforcement of social distancing during these acute times of the global pandemic and health crisis may be that the season has been extended for the same reason.

After all, the company’s employees from North Carolina have been made to work from home due to the on-going crisis of COVID-19.

The team has promised some updates and exciting features to cover the delays, almost like any compensation. 

The Fortnite team said that the new extension would be packed with “multiple game updates on the way that will deliver fresh gameplay, new challenges, bonus XP and a couple more surprises!”


The team, however, did not disclose the time frame. So, it is not known when these fresh challenges, updates and bonuses will be reaching us. All the more, the updates should be there on the company’s social media channels.

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