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Nike’s new app ‘Nike Fit’ will now tell you the exact Shoe Size

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One of the biggest company in the shoe market, Nike is again taking a step towards enhancing the shopping experience for its customers. The new Nike Fit is going to be a game changer for the buyers. The feature of this app is that it would scan your feet and display the exact measurement up to the millimeter. The exact measurement would not only let people know about their shoe size but would even avoid certain shoe injuries which occur due to wearing the wrong size of shoes.

According to a report by Nike, 60% of people wear shoes of the wrong size and they don’t even know about it. The feet measurement made by the Nike Fit would even be stored for future references and would even help the company to make shoes of the perfect size for its customers. The app is going to launch later this year in North America first, after which it would have a global release. The app is going to be available in Nike’s app for phones and even in the Nike stores.

The customers would be able to receive recommendations through the app, which would be based on the size of the foot. As we know that different brands have different size measurement, Nike Fit would be able to help out the people in here. The app is going to be a great hit for parents with newborn babies or kids who are growing. It is a myth that a human being stops growing after reaching the age of 18, which is completely not true.

A person continuously grows. If you are a runner or say an athlete, then your shoe size would differ every year, even if it is for a few millimeters. As for kids, their shoe size continuously changes every 6 months which can be a difficulty for the parents to know the exact shoe size. Nike Fit would help the parents to know the exact shoe size before buying shoes for the kids.

Nike Fit is really simple to use. Before scanning the feet, one should first find a clean wall to stand against. After making a shoe selection, scan your feet through the app within 10 seconds after which Nike Fit would provide you the exact measurement for the type of shoe that you require. The measurement made would be stored in the app’s history which can be later on preferred while buying shoes from the store. After launching the app in North America, it would then shift towards Europe in this year and then in Asia.

We all know the struggle of having a shoe size of 8.5 and not being able to decide whether we should opt for 8 or 9. While the former would be too small and can cause toe injuries, the later one would be too big and can cause injuries by tripping over. This step taken by Nike is going to help the people with a shoe size in decimals instead of round numbers. Nike Fit is about to gain a lot of popularity which would no doubt increase the sale of the company. For now, we can only wait for the app to release and wait for the perfect fit.

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