Ninebot Adds C30 Moped to its C series line up

The world is moving towards sustainable transport solutions, and electric scooters have been extremely revolutionary for taking steps in the right direction. Ninebot, the sub-company of the two-wheeler manufacturer giant Segway had only recently made a breakthrough with the launch of the C-series electric scooters/bikes. The launched line up has been received very well in the market. 

After a very significant launch earlier, Ninebot has now come up with a new moped added to the same line of electric bikes. The Xiaomi owned company has named the new addition C30, and only a few months back, we had seen the C40, C60, and C80. 

The key feature that makes the new C30 worth the limelight is that it takes a new spin on affordability. The entire line of electric scooters that Ninebot has already launched is fairly cheap. For now, the C30 is the cheapest in the entire C series, available for only 3599 Yuan or $514. 

Given how two-wheelers and electric modes of transportation are becoming popular after the Coronavirus pandemic hit the world, the C30 seems like a good deal to catch onto. It is also designed pretty decently under the price being charged from the buyers. 

If one were to see the scooters that line up the C series, many would look fairly familiar. The top speed that they offer is around 25 km/h. The difference lies in their names, and the battery packs use inside them. In the C40, you will see a 15Ah battery pack, which will give you a good enough range of 40 km. 

The better models in the C series are the C60 with a 20Ah battery pack, offering a 60 km range, and the C80 with a 24Ah battery pack giving users a range of 80 km. The range that the C30 offers is much less, and 30 km from the battery pack it has, but the price and affordability match for all that is there and isn’t. 

Being lightweight is another feature that you might want to look at. The weight of any of the electric scooters depends entirely on the size of the battery pack used. Even though the battery pack details for the C30 haven’t been released yet, the model will weigh around 50 kgs. 

Except for the key feature, that is the battery. There is a lot to look at in the new C30 moped. A floating mono disc up takes care of the front brake while the rear brake is a drum brake. Telescopic forks are also present to take care of any suspension duties. There is a battery management system as well, which keeps you on track with the battery remaining. It can be seen in all of the C series bikes as well. 

The new moped will be available in China only for now, but if it gains sales, it is expected that Xiaomi might sell it across borders. 

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