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Nintendo Filed Two Lawsuits Against US Switch hack sellers

Nintendo filed two lawsuits against US Switch hack sellers

Nintendo has filed 2 lawsuits against some pirated video game sellers just the previous week. These US sellers had been selling software to play pirated games of Switch. The video games’ company has found itself, yet again in an intellectual property flex.

One of the accused was an operator of a site called UberChips, who was selling the said software on his website. Against this guy, the lawsuit was filed in the Ohio court. In another instance, the lawsuit has been filed in a Seattle court against a lot of anonymous persons from different websites. All of these people used to sell software that could let users play Nintendo in an unauthorized manner.

The second lawsuit has been filed on a group of men who are known to sell software products from a hacking group called Team Xecuter. It is interesting to know how these software products being sold work. These pieces of software allow users to bypass the route that has been carefully designed to secure the connections.

What happens is that when a user installs such software on his device, he can get unquestioned access to the actual Switch games, without having to pay for it. This sort of wrongful and truly unauthorized access and copying of Switch video games from Nintendo has been called out in both the lawsuits that were filed last week.

Such action is liable to be challenged before the court of the land. Such unauthorized access harms the company in many ways. First of all, it is an issue of infringement upon a person or legal entity’s intellectual property. The company does not get its due in what it has designed by labor. While doing so, the defenders expose the internal security of the gaming system.

The original software can then be altered or modified beyond repair once these mischief mongers have got their required access. Not just that, these people can then install an unauthorized operating system by downloading it straight away. The user of this software has just got to download this unrecognized operating system, and like a surprise, they get access to play the pirated version of the games.

Thus, it is a serious case of violation in trafficking where the third party gets a commission for his software, which is, of course, lower than the cost of the original games. The company suffers in every way. In 2019, the same company called out and sued a games download service by the name, RomUniverse. This platform was giving way to offer Nintendo games illegally on its services.

In the past few years, Nintendo has been very vigilant about such violations on its intellectual property. It has been found time and again that the video games based company truly takes all the pains to crack down on indie creators, pirated games, allied software sellers and leisure services, and those who copy the games straight away.

Image source: Engadget

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