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Nintendo Increases Switch Production with a New Model in Tow

Nintendo increases Switch production with a new model in tow

Nintendo is reportedly working towards increasing the production of its Switch consoles, according to Bloomberg. The company is in talks with its partners to increase the production of Switch such that there are at least 30 million consoles available for sale worldwide in this current financial year. Officially, Nintendo reports that its Switch production annually is about 19 million consoles. Bloomberg states that the video game maker has recorded an increase in production counts up to 22 million, 25 million, and 30 million all through this year.

With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping the entire world and with more and more people being forced indoors, it has become increasingly difficult to find the Nintendo Switch consoles in many places, including its home country Japan. The Nintendo Switch boasts many games that can keep game lovers engaged at home for a long time. Some of the very well-known Nintendo titles such as workout RPG Ring Fit Adventure and escapist island fantasy Animal Crossing: New Horizons are in huge demand, and their sale numbers are on a large scale. 

The Kyoto-based games firm reported a lot of improvement in its earnings for the quarter that concluded in June, thanks to the games mentioned above. However, there is tough competition in store for Nintendo as Sony Corp intended to launch the next-generation PlayStation 5. Microsoft Corp is preparing to release the Xbox X and S series during the fall season. 

However, analysts still believe that the demand for Nintendo Switch will not reduce. Katsuhiko Hayashi of industry tracker Famitsu Group states, “Our data suggest the Switch hasn’t fulfilled demand yet. Switch sales are likely to gain further momentum at the year-end.”

Rumors have been floating for a long time now that a new model of the Switch console may be arriving sometime next year. According to Bloomberg, Nintendo has requested various external game developers to ready their game titles for a 4K upgrade. So far, Nintendo has not given any comments. 

What could be the upcoming Switch model like?

Sometime during August, it was reported that Nintendo plans on upgrading its Switch model and launch it during the beginning of 2021. Nintendo reportedly has explored increasing the console’s computing power while simultaneously readying the console to support 4K graphics. 

The Switch hardware was currently designed based on Nvidia’s Tegra X1 system-on-chip, which arrived almost five years ago. Since then, mobile technology has made a lot of progress, which means there is a lot of scope for improving the Switch speed. Nvidia may customize the design. 

The model could bring along with it a stronger lineup of games. So far, a few of Nintendo’s titles that were announced a long time ago are yet to arrive. These include Metroid Prime 4 and the sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. These titles may probably be announced with the new model.

Image source: TheVerge

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