Nintendo launching a paid subscription for Animal crossing: pocket camp

Nintendo has decided to create a paid subscription for its smartphone game called ‘animal crossing: pocket camp’. The formal announcement is yet to happen. A ResetEra user who goes by the name of ZeoVGM (from Nintendo life) stumbled upon the new subscription service under the name “pocket camp club”.

This new service is rumored to launch on the 21st of November this year. Currently, no information is available about the pricing, and there are very few details available to discuss. But rumors tell us that there are 2 membership categories available for subscription or two tiers, which will offer very quality perks in terms of admin and storage. So, in one tier, you will able to pick an animal to be in charge of your camp as a caretaker. But this was inferred from a screenshot taken by one of the players. The second tier will apparently give you fortune cookies and a place of storage in the warehouse for your furniture and clothing.

More details about this membership will be revealed on Wednesday. Nintendo will be releasing some videos on 21st to give us a clearer picture as to what we can expect. For now, the Mario kart tour’s subscription service for one, it costs about $4.99 or £4.99 per month. Hence it is highly possible that animal crossing: pocket camp will follow suit.

Nintendo has been working with the Japanese developers called DeNa and have been releasing mobile games at a regular pace with success and different rates. Despite the reputation of Nintendo games, their venture into smartphone games did not break out their sales. It remains to be a small part of the overall business. Their recent report on their earnings for the first half revenue (for both mobile and IP licensing) culminated up to 19.9 billion yen. But that just represents less than five percent of the company’s overall sales.

Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa said, “Mario kart earnings are off to a good start” to the investors at the financial results briefing. He also said “in addition to randomized items, we have created opportunities to generate revenue such as the gold pass subscription to meet the various needs of consumers, allowing them to enjoy the game. By including these mechanics and multiplayer functionality, we want to make it an attractive application that will be enjoyed by the consumers in the long term”.


But Mario kart tour players haven’t received this service well because it is relatively expensive in comparison to what apple arcade offers. They offer a lot of games for a fee of $5 per month. Maybe Nintendo will change the game plan in the future to satisfy their customers.

The Nintendo games for smartphones have been a bit unpredictable in terms of both finance-wise and quality-wise. If this whole venture into subscription works, then you can expect more titles in the future. Nintendo’s next entry in the franchise is ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons’. Animal crossing: pocket camp and Dr Mario world appear to be the lowest-performing games, and Fire Emblem Heroes has been doing a great job for them.

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