Mario Kart Tour launches on iOS and Android with subscription price same as Apple Arcade

Mario Kart Tour launches on Android and iOS Image

The most awaited game Mario Kart Tour is now available on Smartphones. Users are waiting to play this game on their mobiles since January 2018 and now Nintendo launched this Mario Kart Tour mobile version for Android and iOS. If you are using Android that is running on 4.4 version or later, you can happily install it and start playing. Coming to iOS devices, this game is available for iPhone and iPad running on 10.0 version or more.

Based on the reports, many iOS users have already installed the app on their devices and waiting for the response of the server. Though the release of Mario Kart Tour game is announced for today, users can’t play till the servers are open. It is said that the servers will open around 4:00 A.M ET or 1 A.M PT or 10 A.M CEST.

Just like other games, you can’t start playing Mario Kart Tour from the second you installed it. Because it needs registration to start the gameplay. So, after installing the game, register to a Nintendo account and log-in to the app. If you have already an account in Nintendo, then no worries! you can log-in and start your racing.

As Mario Kart Tour is a free app, you can install it for free on your devices and you can also play it for free. But to proceed to the next race you need some in-game stamina. So, you need to make some in-app purchases like karts, drivers, and tracks to improve your progress.

Another interesting thing about this game is, there is an optional Gold Pass subscription which is priced at $4.99 per month. Before paying there will be a free trial period for two-weeks. This Gold Pass will give access to the in-game badges, Gold Gifts, and special items while playing. It can even unlock the faster 200cc. mode. If once the pass is expired you can’t use the benefits. But you can access the benefits that you availed while the pass was active.

To talk about the subscription fee, $4.99 is quite expensive than the Apple Arcade on iPhone. This Apple Arcade has the same monthly price but includes over 100 games by this October. Meanwhile, on Android, there is a Play Pass which offers more than 350 games and apps at the same subscription cost. Though the release of Mario Kart Tour on mobiles is happy news, the subscription price looks expensive for just a single game and is quite disappointing for some. Users will think so… by considering the fact that Apple and Google are offering several gaming services at the same price.

There is also a statement from Nintendo that, if you purchase the Gold Pass on different OS, you can’t revert back the purchase and there will be no extension for expiry date. Before purchasing the new pass, you need to cancel the old one. We need to wait and see whether such functionalities will be changed in the future or not.

Meanwhile, the Mario Kart enthusiasts can go to their Google Play Store or Apple Store and install it. If once the server opens and game launches, you can start your racing.

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