Nintendo launching a new switch model with a better battery life

nintendo launching switch image

Good news for the Nintendo fans! Nintendo has announced last week that all new hardware is going to be launched which would be a switch model and would even have a longer battery life along with some new components. It is also said that the new set would be cheaper than the present model and won’t be having the original’s TV docking support.

The new device has not yet revealed how the company has improved its battery life and what new technology would be there. The new Switch model would be having a new CPU and storage according to a recent FCC list. The battery life would still depend on the game being played. Say, if you are playing “Breath of the Wild” the battery life would last for 5.5 hours which is quite double than the battery life of the current model. In the current model, for the above mentioned game, battery life is 2.5-3 hours.

According to news, the Switch model would be released in August in the US and then would be available in other countries. The number for the new model would be HAC- 001(-01) and the customers would have to look for the device starting with serial number XKW so that they can get the required device with better battery life.

Nintendo’s new model would be having an updated version of Nvidia’s Terga X1 chip, new flash memory modules and a new circuit board, according to the recent FCC filing. Though the new model has an extra 2 hours of battery life, which is more than enough, the added components might have a good impact on the battery life hopefully.

Though it might get a bit difficult in differentiating between the two models while buying them from online stores due to the same appearance of both the models, due to which the buyers need to look for the exact serial numbers as stated above and also look for the specific details which are increased battery life and added components.

The new version is going to be called “Dragon Quest X1 Switch” and would be soon available. Meanwhile, the remaining models would be sold out, as the new model would surely replace its previous version, due to which it would become necessary for the stores and retailers to sell all the stock before the release of the new model.

Though this does not mean that Nintendo would release a Switch Pro in the near future as stated by the company during an interview with CNET last week. The president, Doug Bowser, clearly said that the Switch Lite would be the “only new Nintendo Switch hardware this holiday.” For now, the company would be focusing only on the new model and its sale. The new Nintendo Switch model is affordable and can be bought from both online and offline stores. For now, the customers have to bear a bit with the previous version till mid-August until the new version enters the market. The Switch Lite is going to be the star of the market this August, that’s for sure.

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