Nintendo Switch rolls out in China next week

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Nintendo has partnered with Tencent in an ambitious project where the duo announced the launch of the new Nintendo Switch in the mainstream Chinese market with effect from the next week. The gaming console gets to be put on sale from Tuesday, December 10, 2019.

This is being considered a deal undoubtedly since China serves as the world’s biggest gaming market, a majority of that market is credited to the rise of smartphones and PCs. The consoles have not been into mainstream gaming culture. Part of it can be traced back to the ban in 2000, while partly to the strict laws and regulatory hurdles.

Nintendo Co. Ltd got into a sales representative agreement with Tencent Holdings Limited (Head Quarters in Shenzhen, China) for the giant Chinese market. The suggested retail price has been capped at 2,099 yuan RMB or $ 298, acc. to a news release by Nintendo Co. Ltd.

The company has planned to sell it as a bundle with one copy of New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe. In addition to this, as per the pre-order segment, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Oyssey have been now made available. The mainland China Version of the Nintendo Console will come with a warranty of 1 year.

With separate games being priced at $ 42 or better say, 299 yuan, it is quite visible how console gaming is for the pricier edge of the populace. No light has been shed on whether the cheap and less pricey version of the games, Nintendo Switch Light, would arrive in China or not.

The company has full faith that Nintendo Switch is soon going to replace the PlayStation 4. It is no doubt that PlayStation 4 gets the greater brownie points for being the big market leader in China by the year 2022 if you take into account both legal and grey market sales in the said arena.

Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad made it a point to tweet and announce the big project Nintendo Switch console release for mainland China.

The Tencent Nintendo Switch (Official Mainland China Ver.) will launch on December 10, 2019, for RMB 2,099 ($300). It will come bundled with New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe and a 1 year warranty.

The companies talked about their plan and strategy about releasing the gaming consoles in a press event at the ChinaJoy gaming conference, which took place in Shanghai on August 2, 2019. Surely Tencent comes with few risks, but there can be no better choice of a partner than Tencent for the Japanese Nintendo.

At the ChinaJoy gaming conference, both the companies had shared the first details about the forthcoming release. Among the several details shared, few titles were announced too, like Super Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

In a country, the PlayStation 4 released in China in 2015 gets to be the first current-generation console to be released, after a ban in the year 2000 over console manufacturers. This is certainly a huge leap of faith for Nintendo and Tencent alike. It was only in April 2019, when Tencent got approved by Guangdong authorities to begin selling the Console Switch.

Even Tencent had got tough hurdles to traverse after its original PUBG game was forced to shut down. Then it had to contend with bringing a clone version of the game, which was more patriotic in performance. Only then, it was allowed to monetize the game. Last year the govt had stopped the release of new video games, part of a de-facto ban which was recently lifted with 80 new releases.

In a collaboration that was first revealed in April of the current year, the strategic settings surely seem to unfold. The Chinese internet giant Tencent would carry the job of providing cloud services and also Chinese servers so that the Switch’s platform develops and flourishes in China. The effort will also be made so as to add a local flavor to Nintendo’s games by bringing it into Simplified Chinese.

Tencent gives the Japanese gaming giant Nintendo solid backing to cross and outdo the language and cultural barriers. As far as administrative hurdles are concerned, though there might have been several layers of regulatory approval, it seems that the Chinese giant has played the game well.

Tencent is popularly acclaimed as the Chinese company that owns WeChat, an app that is best known to carry out payments and let people communicate online by connecting people through chatting and messages and other features. The app hosts few other apps too.

With globally raking humongous profits of multi-billion dollars owing to Tencent’s investment in video games like Arena of Valor, League of Legends, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, and Fortnite, it is the video games that bring the major part of the revenue to the company.

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