Nintendo to Bash the Market with Its New 2019 Spring Games

The company Nintendo Switch is going to launch 18 new games this year. The range of titles is developed by independent outfit brace yourself who released previous ones as well such as top-down shooter Nuclear Throne from developer Vlambeer and many more. They are looking forward to showcasing the series of games to a broad audience.

Steve Singer, Vice President of Publisher and Developer’s Relations of Nintendo of America, confirmed that they are going to broadcast it to the maximum number of people and will make it a big show. He stated that diversity of this game would give an example of how quality games from a vast list will be available for Nintendo switch players. They have listed the variety of games even that will be available.

Spring 2019 editions

  1. Cuphead: It will release on April 18.
  2. Stranger Things 3: It is a retro style adventure game where you team up and solve puzzles.
  3. The cadence of Hyrule – Crypt of the NecroDancer Featuring the Legend of Zelda: It is a game including attacks and defends and you will explore randomly generated locations.
  4. Red Lantern: It is in the pipeline of 2019 release on Nintendo Switch
  5. RAD: RAD will be released this summer by giving you new abilities to play with every try.
  6. Katana Zero: It will be releasing on April 18.
  7. Nuclear Throne: Katana’s Zero will release on 18 April on Nintendo Switch.
  8. Super Crate Box: This game is built around Retro Art and Chiptune music.
  9. Vlambeer Arcade with Ultrabugs: It is going to release later in the year.
  10. My Friend Pedro: It is an exclusive game and will be out in June.

Few more are Creature in the Well, Blaster Master Zero 2, Pine, Bloodroots, Overland, Dark Wood, Neo Cab, Swimsanity.

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