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Nintendo’s massive leak unveils early models of age-old games

Nintendo’s massive leak unveils early models of age-old games

It looks like Nintendo’s association with source code leaks will not be ending soon. Not very long back in May 2020, a giant Nintendo leak caused major revelations related to its source code. During that time, about two terabytes of early Nintendo secrets had surfaced online. And now, it looks like Nintendo leaks are back again. The Nintendo ‘gigaleak’, as it is called, reveals how some of the games could have looked different than they are right now.

The leak has unearthed some of Nintendo’s source-code way back from the mid 90’s era. A look into the same gives one a feeling that Yoshi’s Island (also known as Super Mario World 2) was very much different in the initial stages. It was having a completely new user interface and graphical screens, which no one has seen earlier. Likewise, another prototype has emerged for Mario World 2, also known as “Super Donkey,” wherein a new character has been spotted in some jungle domain. 

There is a little more than what has been mentioned above. Star Fox 2, which was deserted at one point in time and then, later on, entered as a SNES classic, apparently included a human-pilot in the initial phases. An unknown post from 4chan forum states that the leak also reveals the source code for F-Zero, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Mario RPG, Super Mario All-Stars, Link’s Awakening DX, Wild Trax and Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. The leak also has some information related to the Wii Shop Channel, a Wii Game Boy emulator, and the Chinese-based iQue Player.

Although Nintendo has refused to make any kind of statements regarding the above information, the news seems to be true. It got confirmed when Dylan Cuthbert, a developer of Star Fox 2, seems to have acknowledged a custom development tool that he had made almost “30 years ago” and which had disappeared later on. He was shocked and went on to say, “Where the hell has hackers got all this obscure data from????!!”

Orcastraw, a speedrunner who has revealed some findings regarding the leak, also feels that all this is not false information. He stated, “Folks presume it’s real because the sheer magnitude of files, things like secret IDs that are impossible to crack.” 

Another Nintendo geek, Mr. Cheeze, said that it is difficult to create false information regarding something of this sort. “Faking it would be as hard,” he was heard as saying. He further stated that if anyone wanted to provide incorrect information regarding the entire Nintendo source code, that person would have had to create all the games right from scratch. 

Owing to so many leaks connected with Nintendo, speculations are running around that all of this data and source code are getting revealed due to the same source of an information breach. However, so far, no one is sure about this. 

It is highly likely that Nintendo would act swiftly and immediately remove all of this raw content. Although this information may be quite old, it is needless to say that it is Nintendo’s inside and confidential data. At the same time, this also proves that there can be a huge change in any games during the development phase.

Image source: Engadget

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