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Nokia brings in an air-conditioner that runs on WiFi, connects to a smartphone

Nokia brings in an air-conditioner that runs on WiFi; connects to a smartphone

Over the last few years, the demand for smart home appliances has increased considerably. Smart appliances these days can be activated over WiFi, and most of them can be controlled via a smartphone app. Many smart home gadgets like vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, lights, and even switches have shown up based on these technologies. Definitely, the smart home appliance seems to be a very lucrative market as of now. And the latest competitor to enter into this field is Nokia. In Finland, the organization has stepped into the smart appliance market by bringing in its latest smart home air conditioner, which it has developed in collaboration with Flipkart.

As per sources Dev Iyer, the VP of Private Brands in Flipkart, has stated that Nokia’s air conditioners are those customers who tend to expect a lot from their smart home appliances. Nokia’s entry into the smart home appliance market is a huge ‘milestone’ according to Vipul Mehorta, the VP for Nokia Brand Partnerships.

Capabilities of Nokia’s smart air conditioners

Although Nokia’s air conditioners will be smart appliances, they look very much like any standard air conditioner. The air conditioner has a display that is not visible. It gets lit only when the appliance is switched on. Nokia claims that the air conditioner makes use of the R-32 refrigerant, which is very environment friendly. The appliance makes use of smart motion sensors. It also makes use of WiFi to control the temperature.

The air conditioner would also be sending reminders whenever the appliance needs to be cleaned or serviced. The users can also set up separate profiles, which eliminates the need for a separate remote. If at all the appliance needs to be controlled, it can be done so via a smartphone. However, so far, no specific home appliance app has been mentioned for this one. So, how the entire appliance can be controlled via a smartphone would be revealed with time. But one can safely put it here that the smartphone would be a replacement for the air conditioner remote.

Nokia’s smart air conditioner comes with a few other features too. Its works based on Bluefin technology. Secondly, the internal accessories of the appliance are made of copper, and these would be anti-corrosive. And finally, these air conditioners function without producing much noise and are “noiseless” in nature, as claimed by Nokia. That is due to the low vibrant motors that are equipped within the appliance.

For people looking out to purchase this smart air conditioner, India would be available starting the 29th of December. Initially, this would be priced at INR 30,999 (approximately RM1702). However, an important point to be noted here is that this price has been quoted for those models that would be coming without WiFi control. That means that the WiFi controlled models would be priced even higher. Sadly, Nokia does not seem very keen on launching it in many locations for the time being. For now, one needs to wait and watch as to when this appliance would be available in major global markets.

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