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Nokia launches its first smart 4K TV in India on December 10th

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Nokia launches its first-ever smart TV in India at the price of 41,999 rupees that is $589 in terms of US dollars. The TV will be launched in India, and the licensing has been given to a third party company which is Flipkart. That is, the selling of Nokia’s first smart TV licensing has been given to the Flipkart, a major online shopping store.

When we hear or come across a name Nokia, we all might think that it is a phone brand. But now, it’s has widened its branches to even the TV. The company has given license to a third party retailer company that is Flipkart, to sell its new smart TVs. Flipkart is an Indian online shopping giant, which is a tough competitor with Amazon and others.

According to Flipkart, it mentions Nokia’s new smart TVs as ‘global first for the brand in the TV category’. Nokia, which was famous for its mobile phones, has been down, and even after the return, it is not as good as it once was in the public’s eye.

But, Vipul Mehrotra, the vice president of Nokia company brand partnership says, “Flipkart’s understanding of the needs and behaviors of Indian customers, and the power of its reach, will help it make Nokia branded smart TVs accessible and affordable.“


Now, coming to the first new smart TV, it comes in a 55-inch Ultra HD (4K) LED. The TV will have an Android 9.0 operating system. The TV will have a sound system from JBL by Hammer and will have two 24 watt speakers that support Dolby Audio and DTS Tru Surround. This makes the sound system terrific to hear. The TV indeed has an Android operating system, but Nokia did not specify that the TV is Android TV.

The smart TV will have a 16:9 ratio LED display, and the refresh rate is 60Hz. The TV has and supports Dolby Vision and HDR10 and also has an ADS panel. And the TV is provided with three HDMI ports and two USB ports. As said, this first new Nokia branded smart TV will be sold for 41,999 Indian rupees in India. It is equal to $589 US dollars. This most awaited smart TV will be available on December 10th.

As of now, it is only releasing the 55CAUHDN TV, but Nokia says higher and variety of other models will be available soon.

Some other additional features of the smart TV is that the TV has 400 nits peak brightness, and a contrast ration of 1200:1. And the TV features a 178-degree viewing angle. The Nokia smart TV is powered by a quad-core CPU, which is clocked at 1 GHz. And it has a Mali 450 GPS. The TV has a 2.25 GB RAM and an internal storage of 16 GB. The TV supports Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi of 802.11 b/g/n. As said, it runs using the Android 9.0 Pie operating system.

The smart TV has pre-installed apps streaming apps such as Netflix, Houston, and YouTube. And many more apps, as per the interest of the users, can be installed using the Android TV Play Store. Flipkart also provides an extended warranty program, which will cost you only 999 rupees. This will itself cover defects in the smart TV as every TV might have a defective unit and so.

Unfortunately, but for many, the defect does not surface up before the warranty period ends. And problems are arising due to user handling and so. But you don’t worry as Flipkart has covered all these issues and provides a warranty period of 3 years and that too for just 999 rupees.

And also, other TV manufacturers provide the same features and Nokia being new to the business, it will, of course, be interesting to see how it competes with the other leading competitors such as the TCL, Xiaomi, and One plus. And also, TV manufacturers such as Samsung and Sony indeed provide the same 55 inch 4K TVs at a comparatively higher rate than the new cover Nokia. So, average buyers would, of course, see for an affordable price that Nokia provides for its smart TVs.

Flipkart is providing a no-cost EMI for buying these new smart TVs. And Flipkart is also providing a flat 2000 rupees discount for all the prepaid transactions. Visuals are supported by integrated MEMC technology. Also, the smart TV has a stand at the center, so without even a wide table, you can compactly use it.

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