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Nortek Control Launches Linear’s LDCO863B Smart Garage Door Operator

Nortek Control launches Linear’s LDCO863B Smart Garage Door Operator

Two new Smart Garage Door Openers have arrived today. Launched by Nortex Control and called the Linear LDCO863B and Linear LDCO841, both of these have been developed using GDO technologies, which is an advanced feature within Nortek Control. Amongst these two, the highlight is more towards the Linear LDCO863B, which offers the highest possible illumination than any other garage door operator in the entire industry has to offer. The appliance makes use of three LED panels and has an illumination capacity of about 4100 lumens.

Coming with a high rate of energy efficiency and lights that can be dimmed, these LED panels can sustain for a long time, and their quality is also excellent. The Linear LDCO863B is also integrated with a battery backup set, which has been designed as per the regulations imposed by the California State. However, the battery backup set needed is an optional one for the Linear LDCO841. Customers can, however, opt for purchasing the battery backup LCCO841 as well. 

The Linear LDCO863B has been designed, keeping in mind the safety and security features that people today wish for. Plus, it brings along with it a high and effective brightness quotient, providing customers with the required happiness and joy which they desire. And not to mention, products falling within the Linear brand are quite long-lasting, efficient and durable. 

Richard Pugnier, who is the Vice President of the Marketing Department at Nortek Control claims that the products that are developed with the aid of GDO technology ensure not just the safety, security and convenience factors by providing a good quality of illumination. Still, they also come with a simple design. He further stated that the Linear LDCO863B had been developed using highly advanced lighting technologies that are available in the market. Therefore, homeowners would be saved from the torture of changing bulbs from time to time. One would not feel the need to replace these bulbs at all. Hence, no one would be spending their time in darkness. 

Other benefits coming with both the devices include providing statuses via the smartphone app, along with device notifications. The appliance can also be controlled with the help of the app. Both garage operators offer noise-free operations that are smooth and efficient. It is because both of them employ a motor which is relatively quiet and does not produce much noise. The speed can be changed according to the need. The start and end operation of the device is also quite simple. 

Customers can also receive a few benefits such as tracking and handling the garage-door in real-time from any smartphone, with the help of the Linear smart app, which can be downloaded on their phones. Just like any other app, the Linear Smart app also requires either a WiFi network or a good internet connection to work efficiently. Users can provide customer access controls and permissions to a maximum of 10 users via the Linear Smart app. However, these users need to be authorized. The door and light operations can be scheduled via the app.

Devices making use of ELAN home controls, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant™, HomeLink and IFTTT™, work very well with the Linear Smart app.

Mark Mattson, who is the Product Manager for the Linear brand within Nortek Control went on to say, “Leveraging the brainpower of our advanced smart GDO technology to make life easier for homeowners, these are the smartest Linear garage door operators yet.”

There are many benefits offered by a single Linear smart garage door operator appliance. Dealers can offer many options to the customers, depending on their needs. Moreover, dealers need not even stock up their inventory. Customers can get a wide range of options here. They can choose either a belt or a chain-drive garage operator, according to their requirements. Or it could either be a seven, eight or ten-foot T-rail. Extra choices include small-sized keyring transmitters, visor transmitters having multiple buttons as well as wireless keypads.

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