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North Carolina Receives Medical Supplies from Air!! Thanks to Zipline’s Drones!!

North Carolina Receives Medical Supplies From Air!! Thanks To Zipline’s Drones!!

Last year, various companies had requested drone deliveries from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), of which some companies were granted permission. One of such companies is Zipline, which was granted permission to deliver medical supplies through its drone services. It seems like the permission was a boon, not only for the company but for all the people in North Carolina. 

During the time of the pandemic, when social distancing is a must and there is no means to provide medical supplies without any contact, Zipline’s drone deliveries saved the people in North Caroline. The company’s first drone delivery was made to a Novant Health Medical Centre in Charlotte, North Carolina. The delivery consisted of medical supplies and protective equipment, which was required at the centre.

Moreover, Zipline has stated that this was their first emergency drone operation, which they used to help the hospitals in such times. In addition to that, the drone delivery from Zipline is by far the longest drone service provider in the United States. The company believes that the drones are a boon in disguise, as they are helping out people in such difficult times by providing them with the necessary supplies.

However, the FAA has only approved Zipline’s drones for two routes only, of which they can make a flight of 20 to 30 miles. Though the drones from Zipline have the capability of travelling 100 miles, they cannot do so unless FAA approves of it. If FAA approves of the request, then around 30 more medical health centres would be able to get all the medical supplies which are required in such emergencies.

When asked about the service, the CEO of Zipline, Keller Rinaudo gave the following statement, “We’re likely in for a long-term fight against COVID-19. Using contactless drone logistics will be an important tool in that effort. The work underway here in North Carolina will provide the rest of the country with a blueprint for how to build the most resilient and responsive health care system possible.”

From his statement, it can be clearly said that Zipline is determined to continue its delivery services through drones, as it is most needed in the time of the pandemic. However, Zipline is not the first company which is providing drone delivery services. Last year, FAA approved the request of Alphabet Wing to deliver supplies in Virginia. Alphabet Wing has started delivering household supplies all across Virginia. These supplies include items like coffee, tea, food items and much more. Though the drone delivery service is not providing medical supplies, people must get groceries at such times. However, one thing that we know for sure is that, in the coming days, the demand for drone delivery services will increase at a high rate.

Recently in April, companies like UPS and CVS have started delivering medicated prescription to a retirement community in Florida. They are delivering the prescriptions with the help of MAtternet’s M2 drones, which are directly delivering to the pickup location instead of a medical centre.

Through drone delivery services, people can remain assured that the items are safe and there is no human contact between the customer and the delivery service. Furthermore, drone delivery services are the new future of the world, as they are safe and are faster than other modes of delivery services.

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