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Now, 12 People can Simultaneously do a Video Call, thanks to Google Duo

With social distancing, methodologies engulfing the entire world owing to the spread of the novel coronavirus, people are forced to stay indoors and refrain from meeting up their loved ones. Many of them are even forced to work from home. Amidst such a scenario, Google has come up with a wonderful way of staying in touch with friends, relatives, or even colleagues. Google has enhanced the group calling functionality of Google Duo, which is a well-known video chat app exclusively for smartphones. 

With this updated feature now, using Google Duo, a maximum of 12 persons can simultaneously connect themselves over a video call. Google Duo had started the video calling feature sometime during the middle of 2019. Initially, about 4 people were allowed at once to make a video call in one go, which was then swiftly increased to 8 people. Google Duo, no doubt, is considered as one of the best video calling apps for both Android as well as iOS phone users. 

It is a very good initiative taken up by Google to help out people all over the world who are stuck within their homes battling the COVID-19 virus. As far as the Hangouts Meet is concerned, about 100 participants are supported simultaneously. However, the capabilities of the services are available only to the G suite customers. At the same time, YouTube is upgrading its default quality settings all over the world so that people who are working from home get a bigger range of bandwidth.

On the other hand, up to 50 users can log on to group video calls simultaneously on Skype. Facetime supports 32 users at one go. However, these features are supported on Apple devices only. 

All of the above information related to Google Duo was confirmed by Google’s Senior Product Director, Sanaz Ahari. She personally took to Twitter and posted about this very recent update regarding Google Duo. Take a look at her tweet below:

“We are grateful that Duo is helping users see their loved ones all around the world. We recognize group calling is particularly critical right now. We have increased group calling from 8 participants to 12 effective today. More to come.”

This functionality should be available on all Android and iOS phones with immediate effect. There is no need to update the app as all the updates have been done on the server-side. The user needs to open the Google Duo application on his phone and start a new group. The user would be prompted by the app that he is free to add 11 other people to the same call in case he wishes to.  

Ahari is also responsible for handling all of Google’s messages and Phone apps. From her tweet, it is quite clear that a lot of features are still going to arrive. She even stated that there are numerous teams out there who are actively listening and taking up all sorts of feedback that is coming up from all of the three apps. 

So, for those who had plans of a get-together with friends or relatives but missed it, no need to get upset. Just try out this latest feature on Google Duo. With 12 people on a video call simultaneously, what more can anyone ask for!!!
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