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Now African Citizens also have Access to PayPal through Flutterwave

Flutterwave Brings PayPal To Africa To Make Global Payments Easier

Flutterwave has now collaborated with PayPal, allowing African merchants to send and receive global customers’ payments. PayPal was not available in most African countries due to a lack of good banks and funding. Flutterwave has made it possible for its 2,90,000 users to use PayPal for their business.

This significant partnership between PayPal and Flutterwave will help the African business merchants to connect with over 300 million PayPal users and expand their business. Earlier, PayPal was only limited to some countries of Africa. Most countries were only allowed to send money through the App, without the “receive” option. Only 12 African countries had complete PayPal services. If a person had to receive money, then he/she has to go through tons of procedures, bank transfers, and much more, which cost both money and time. The people of Africa will now be able to receive money from global customers by adding “Pay with PayPal” as a payment option on their page.

When asked about the partnership, the CEO of Flutterwave, Olubenga’ GB’ Agboola, stated that, “By working with PayPal, we can further strengthen our commitment to our customers and service users as we will be enabling them to transact and expand their business operations to reach new markets.”

Flutterwave started in 2019 and has teamed-up to various companies so that the users can expand their business reach and get the recognition they deserve. The company had associated with Visa and launched “Barter” for the merchants. It even made “Alipay,” a digital payment app for smooth transactions between China and Africa. After that, Flutterwave created Worldpay FIS for payments within Africa.

This particular PayPal partnership is by far the biggest association that Flutterwave has ever made and has now opened up the gates for future projects. There is no PayPal Access earlier due to risk banking in Africa. Due to this project, Flutterwave would be taking all the risks and dealing with the continent’s banking system.

“Through our collaboration with PayPal, we are also bringing together two trusted global payment brands to provide millions of consumers and businesses a gateway to new opportunities,” said the CEO of Flutterwave.


Apart from providing new opportunities for the African merchants, Flutterwave has even made its name in the list of top global payment methods in the world. Now, it is the African payment partner all over the world. Due to this, African business is going to have massive growth in the global market. The continent’s business dealers would not have to wait for days to receive payment from global customers and now trade worldwide.

The partnership is now working, and the integration is available for all the registered business dealers, freelancers, and merchants in Africa. Flutterwave is currently focusing on making the payment methods easier for the people in the continent as the bank transfer process is tedious and requires money.

However, people who do not have Flutterwave can now sign up and avail the new feature. For activating PayPal, you have to click on “Account settings” and then select the “Enable dashboard payment options.” From the dropdown menu, select the “PayPal” option, and you can then use the payment method easily.

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