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Now, Google Maps embeds the Google Lens feature to menus.

Now, Google Maps embeds the Google Lens feature to menus.

During the Google I/O 2019 event, Google Lens gained a lot of momentum. It could study and analyze menus of any physical restaurant and also mark those dishes which it thought were popular, according to its analysis. And now, according to the latest piece of information, this menu reading ability of the Google Lens would be embedded within Google Maps as well.

In spite of all the digital versions, people are habituated to take snaps of hotel menus. Later on, images of these menus are uploaded to the respective restaurant’s Google Maps listing. When viewing such kind of images on Google Maps, Android users can view a suggestion chip now to “Explore dishes” at the bottom of the screen.

The Lens icon is also present at the top-right corner of the screen. This icon is available so that the user can perform a visual search if he wishes to.

How does the ‘Lens’ functionality work in Google Maps?

With this Lens functionality integrated within Google Map menus, popular dishes would get highlighted in orange color. Also, these dishes would be having a star icon beside them. With this sort of representation, users can easily make out which are the most famous dishes in that restaurant.

The restaurant menus can be viewed in such a manner that the descriptions and prices of these dishes can be seen clearly. The sheet below contains the images of all these dishes in a line. So in case people have any doubts regarding these dishes, they can check it out for themselves from the images that are printed on the bottom sheet.

By tapping on the name of the food item, complete details with its image can be seen. All of these details are extracted from Google Maps only. The feature is implemented, such as the text contained in the name of the item is matched with an extensive collection of crowd sourced data. Based on the results of the match, relevant information about the dish is projected to the user.

Now, what happens at the back end? The image that is already present within Google Maps is shared with Google Lens. The business location here is already known as it is present within Maps.

How would this Lens integration within Google Maps prove to be beneficial? It proves to be pretty useful in case the business listing is open within Google Maps whenever the user visits a new place. With the Lens feature embedded within Maps, it saves the user a hell lot of time in launching the Google Lens and manually taking a picture. It also helps in highlighting the features of Lens when it is embedded in Maps.

The Lens feature integration for Google Maps menus would be available to all Android users. Android phone users can verify whether the same is available in their Google Maps application. It looks like iOS phone users would have to wait for this feature to appear within their Google Maps application. As of now, there is no idea when this feature would be made available on iOS phones.

Image Source: 9to5google

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