Now, ‘Kaleidoscope’ Streaming Service Hub may Soon be Available on Google Chrome

It looks like Google Chrome may soon be having a streaming service hub, where one would be able to catch up with all their favorite shows. Yes, that is right. Google is working towards bringing the ‘Kaleidoscope’ service hub on Google Chrome. For now, this is called Chrome Kaleidoscope. 

For those of us who felt Google Chrome occupied a lot of RAM space, it looks like it would occupy some more memory. Presently, there is not much clarity regarding any of this; however, it looks like, with Chrome around, people would not have to struggle to get video streaming services.

This new, upcoming feature can be checked upon by visiting chrome://kaleidoscope. However, this feature can be witnessed only by those who are using Google Chrome’s Canary version. Currently, Google has been trying a lot of things around Chrome Canary. Chrome Story further states that for now, this feature is yet to get operational and completely working. It looks like Google may be testing this feature for now.

Usually, whenever anyone visits this web page, the following message would be displayed: “Chrome Kaleidoscope is not currently available for your account. If you are a Googler check out go/kaleidoscope-not-available for more information.”

However, recently, when a reporter from Chrome Story visited this site, he did encounter something. According to the reporter, there were two pages present at the site based on which one could make out a little on what all this was about. 

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On the chrome://kaleidoscope webpage, one can view three video streaming options-Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+Hotstar (which is a streaming service that originated in India) under a headline that reads: “All your shows in one place.” Below this, there is another sentence that reads, “You can see all your favorite shows in one place, no matter where they are hosted. Select the providers you use below”. Users can select either any one or all options, depending on their choice.  

Below there are two button options, namely-”No Thanks” and “Next.” On selecting the streaming service, the “Next” button would get highlighted. Clicking on the Next button takes the user to the next page. Presently, on this page, Chrome displays a message saying, “Continue watching across all your devices.” Other than this message, the page does not contain it for now. It does seem like Google is still in the process of developing this feature. 

And this was confirmed by the message displayed on the third page. It read, “Chrome Kaleidoscope is not currently available for your account. If you are a Googler check out go/kaleidoscope-not-available for more information.” It was the same message which users otherwise normally got. The two additional pages displayed earlier prove that Google is definitely up to something to the ‘kaleidoscope’ feature.

Google might likely be conducting internal testing of the entire functionality. It looks like one has to wait and see how this feature shapes up. Although, with very little details itself, the feature does seem interesting. 

It looks like Google has been trying a lot with Chrome Canary. Just a day back, Google developed Chrome to launch in Incognito mode automatically. To experience this feature, one needs to download and install the “bleeding edge” version of the Chrome Canary browser. However, Google has stated that “Canary could be unstable” here. 

Once installed, users need to follow the instructions required for launching the browser in Incognito mode. 

Here, Google does not guarantee that the Incognito shortcut would include all updates from Chrome. Moreover, this feature will not stop internet service providers from finding out the websites visited by users.

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