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Musicians can Jam Remotely via iOS using Endlesss app

Now, musicians can jam remotely via iOS using Endlesss app

From the 31st of March, Endlesss, a collaborative music creation app is available on the iOS app store. For quite some time now, the app was in the beta testing phase. Owing to this, a huge community of musicians are using this app, talking about and planning various projects. All of this is done through the Discord server setup for the app’s software. 

Although people who are well-versed with the Endlesss app refer to it as a music-making app, in reality, the app cannot be used to create full songs. The app allows musicians to connect with each other, virtually by means of a live chat room. Within this space, users are free to construct and edit musical loops in real-time. To do the same, the user needs to select a project and start selecting on drum patterns and melodies to update a loop. People can create their music for themselves. However, on a platform of this sort, it is always good to update musical loops on a social level. 

Endlesss is an app that is made in a way such that sound layers cannot be remixed in any random manner. If allowed, it would turn out to be disastrous. In fact, every project has been assigned a key, scale and tempo setting. All of these settings need to be applied to the virtual instruments that are being used. Basically, there is an optical metronome that allows the apps to be quantized. There is a lot of guidance stacked within the app that ensures no absurd sound gets created. 

The app also comes across as quite useful for beginners and newcomers. However, a lot of options are made available for advanced musicians. The virtual instruments within the app are embedded with robust controls that are used to adjust and control various sound parameters like reverb, loudness, pitch, delay, and others. The app is also compatible with the Ableton link, which means that one can connect external instruments and link them to the app. 

In case one wishes to know how things are sounding within a loop, the audio can be exported as .aiff layers. An option is provided within the app for the same. This audio file can then be brought into the digital audio workstation (DAW). The user can also open up the loop’s history and export older versions of the audio file. 

The core app comes free of cost. However, in case anyone is looking out extra sound effects, then the same would cost about $5.50 a month. The trial period of the app is about a week. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis going on at present, the company has extended the same to two months. Sometime in April, Endlesss is planning to start a Kickstarter campaign that would help in providing more robust options for Endlesss like lossless audio and “deep integration with pro equipment.”

Musicians who plan to use the app are bound to come across a wide range of music and socialization. 

There have been many music apps which promise a lot at the beginning. However, their end outputs were not satisfactory. However, Endlesss is not something like that. Though, for now, one cannot say that it would make any chart-toppers. However, it is definitely a good way to utilize time, especially during the current self-isolation period. 

So, all the musicians out there, just go, download the app and start creating music!!!
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