Now, Search for Songs on Spotify with the Help of Lyrics

Spotify has brought about a new feature that has been with Apple Music for a long time. Now, users can search for songs by inputting the song lyrics within the app’s search bar. This feature works on both the iOS as well as the Android app. 

Lina Wang, who has designed Spotify, tweeted about this update, which stated, “now you can find songs by lyrics on Spotify. Give it a try.”

Now, how does this functionality work? When the user enters the lyrics of the song, the Spotify app makes a note of the same and comes up with a list of songs whose lyrics closely match the ones entered. The probable songs whose lyrics are quite similar to those entered contain a “Lyrics Match” tag along with it. 

This feature is indeed quite useful, especially for those who have a song in their mind but cannot look for the same as they cannot remember the name of the song. 

This feature has been present within Apple Music right from 2018, affirmed by all of its fans. Spotify has embedded the same feature in its app. However, for those left wondering that Spotify has taken a feature from its largest competitor, this may not be the first time it has done so. 

Sometime during the beginning of this year, Spotify had introduced the feature of displaying lyrics in real-time, provided to the app via Musicxmatch. All the user had to do was to swipe on a song track while listening to it. The user could also sing along with it. This feature initially arrived on Apple’s streaming service. 

Another feature that recently arrived on Spotify is that users can co-ordinate with each other, exchange podcast recommendations, get many ideas regarding the latest music tracks, and develop a playlist according to their personal likes. Users can add others to the playlists that have been created by them.

Presently, Spotify is topping the list of the most desirable music streaming services. It is the case, irrespective of the fact that it has taken a few Apple Music features. A look at these facts would instantly prove this. Until April 2020, Spotify recorded a whopping 130 million subscribers. On the other hand, Apple Music was estimated to have about 68 million subscribers by December 2019. 

However, there is a high chance that Apple may improve its subscriber numbers. By 2021, it plans on introducing Apple One, which is its latest subscription service. An announcement regarding the same was made during the Apple 2020 event. Some of Apple’s biggest and important products are clubbed as a part of a single entity. This package consists of iCloud, Apple Music, Apple TV Plus, and Apple News Plus. It also brings along with it Apple Fitness Plus, a service that has been designed exclusively for fitness lovers. This program offers a variety of workouts that would be fun to do. Plus, it also contains advanced methodologies to monitor fitness levels.

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