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Now, the Screen Sharing Feature Available on Google Duo

Now, the screen sharing feature available on Google Duo

Now, people making use of Google Duo for video calls have a reason to rejoice. Google has introduced the screen-sharing feature on its Duo application. It makes it very easy for users who use Google Duo for work-related purposes, where screen-sharing becomes quite useful. It also helps those cases where family members connect on Google Duo and wish to share any photos or if they intend to do a joint activity together. With this important functionality coming up on Google Duo, one need not take the trouble of switching over to another app for screen-sharing.

Google has mentioned this latest feature in a post in which it has mentioned about six upcoming features in Android. Sometime in September, Google had tweeted about this update by captioning it as “Share more moments with your friends on Google Duo. Now you can use screen-sharing to browse photos and videos together, and plan activities all while on a video call.” Post this tweet. Android Police went on to state about this new functionality of Google Duo in its news report.

Although Google went on to pull down the tweet after it had posted the update, the feature did start showing up on Android devices towards the end of September. Two years ago, Google had said goodbye to the first iteration of the same functionality. 

Now, how does one share his or her screen? Google has simplified this a lot. One needs to simply locate the overflow button located at the lower portion of the menu and tap on when the call is in progress. From there, the Screen Share option needs to be selected. Users sharing the information would receive an alert message stating they can share some confidential information from their device. 

Once the screen sharing process begins, the person at the other end of the call would not be visible on the screen. However, the user will be notified that he is on the screen-sharing mode through a notification icon named “Ongoing Screen Sharing.” However, various tests have been carried out to check the functionality of this feature. It looks like this screen sharing notification feature is not available on all devices. It is expected to arrive on all Android devices pretty soon. 

Google has further gone on to say that people using any kind of devices should now be able to use the Phone app on their phones. There was a time when this app was available on only Pixel phones. However, now more and more Android devices have started to come up with this app. Phones that have Android 9 version or anything more than installed within their devices would be able to use the Phone app. This application brings along with loads of anti-spam functionalities that would prove extremely beneficial for those making use of it. 

The Phone app also has a feature by which users would ascertain if calls coming in from an unknown number are from a verified business account or whether they are just spoof calls. It would help the users such that they do not miss important business calls since many of us tend to ignore calls coming in from an unknown number.

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